Tattoo inks are the most essential component in tattooing, but with such a wide variety of brands and colours to choose from, just which ink is the best?

We’re going to run through the best tattoo inks that are available to order from Killer Ink Tattoo in 2022 to help find the perfect hues for you!

What are the Best Tattoo Inks in 2022?

When it comes down to finding the ideal tattoo ink, it all comes down to your specific tattooing style, how you work and your overall preferences.

While most tattoo ink manufacturers offer both black and colour inks, some brands specialise in one or the other, so it’s helpful to know which are which if you specialise in styles such as blackwork or colour realism.

If you need more information regarding our huge line-up of tattoo inks, make sure to contact us today and our team will help find the best inks for you!

Silverback Ink®

Made in the USA, Silverback Ink® is one of the most popular tattoo inks worldwide for blackwork and black and grey tattoos.

All tattoo inks from Silverback Ink® are vegan-friendly and comply with EU Resolution ResAP(2008)1. The inks come pre-mixed, which takes the guesswork out of whether your grey washes are too dark or light and will add consistency to your work.

Two of the most popular black tattoo inks in the Silverback Ink® range are InstaBlack and Stupid Black, with the former going into the skin more velvety and the latter having more of a sticky consistency. Make sure to try them both for yourself to see what works best for the way you tattoo!

Then there’s XXX Black, which is an easy-to-use, all-purpose black. XXX Black is best used as solid base colour in conjunction with Silverback Ink®’s grey washes, but it’s also ideal for both lining and shading.

The latest (and perhaps greatest) creation from Silverback Ink® is the Black Th1rt3en and 3 Shade Grey Wash Series set. The viscosities and surface tensions of these tattoo inks are completely different to what Silverback Ink® has made in the past and they are perfect for any tattooing styles, from dot work to portraits.

If you're new to Silverback Ink®, why not try out the Black Pack, which features 4 x 30 ml bottles of Silverback Ink®'s best-selling black tattoo inks: XXX Black, InstaBlack, Stupid Black, and Black Th1rt3en!

Many world-class artists around the globe are using Silverback Ink® today, including Anrijs Straume, Mumia, Kenji Diederen, and Dylan Sutton (Suttoos).

World Famous Ink

Used and loved by tattoo artists everywhere, World Famous Ink brings you premium quality tattoo ink with super high pigment content and an amazing flow rate.

With a great palette of colours for all of your amazing artwork, this ink will make your job as an artist much easier, and make your body art really pop!

Made in the USA, all colours from World Famous Ink are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. They are also sterilised with gamma radiation, so they’re like the Incredible Hulk, but cooler!

We stock a huge range of individual World Famous Ink colours, as well as a variety of complete ink sets from its Pro Team. Make sure to check out the sets from our sponsored artists Sandra Daukshta, Jenna Kerr, Debora Cherrys, Thomas Carli-Jarlier, Ryan Smith, and Damian Gorski!

With such a wide line-up of tattoo inks to choose from, you can be sure that there is a World Famous Ink colour or two that is perfect for you!

Fusion Ink

Fusion Ink is regarded as one of the brightest and best tattoo inks on the market today and was born as the result of a collaboration between Adam Everett and Next Generation Tattoo machines.

Adam has been producing pigments since 1995, so it comes as no surprise that his tattoo inks are thick with a high pigment load and contain no fillers! All Fusion Ink colours feature organic pigments and are completely vegan-friendly.

Whether you’re shopping for individual or complete sets of Fusion Ink, Killer Ink Tattoo has got you covered! We stock a huge range of Fusion Ink, from standard colours to pastels, grey washes to opaque greys, muted hues to flesh tones, and more!

We also offer various ink sets from Fusion Ink signature artists, including collections from the likes of Ben Kaye, Evan Olin, Nikko Hurtado, and Shige.

Fusion Ink is a hugely popular tattoo ink brand across the world and is used by many top tattooists, including Killer Ink sponsored artists David Corden, Kalie Art, Kirsten Pettitt, and Michael Taguet.

Intenze Ink

Developed by the legendary artist Mario Barth and manufactured in the USA, Intenze Ink is the producer of some of the best tattoo inks around.

Intenze Ink is used by many of the world’s finest and most well-known tattooists, including Steve Butcher, Alex De Pase, Bob Tyrrell, Randy Engelhard, and Chris 51, who each have their own ink set.

All tattoo inks from Intenze are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015-certified facility and are sterilised through a gamma radiation process. Each and very colour in the Intenze Ink range is also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Killer Ink stocks a huge range of Intenze Ink colours, from basic and pastel hues to earth tones, essential silvers to Japanese sumi, and grey washes to a colour lining series. Whatever you’re looking for, Intenze has got it ready!

But don’t just take our word for it, as many of our good friends and sponsored artists are using Intenze Ink for their incredible work, such as David Giersch, Igor Mitrenga, and Dongkyu Lee – aka Q Tattoo.

Eternal Ink

Developed by tattoo artist Terry Welker from Michigan, USA with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Eternal Ink has now become one of the best and most popular tattoo ink producers in the world.

Many of the best tattoo artists around the globe are using Eternal Ink colours to this day, including our own sponsored artists Khan Tattoo, Caterina Molin, and Matt Daniels (Stickypop).

Eternal Ink colours are renowned for how easily workable they are into the skin and for just how bright they heal. Eternal’s line-up includes a whole spectrum of bright, eye-popping colour tattoo inks, as well as blacks, whites, and grey washes.

Killer Ink offers a massive range of vibrant Eternal Ink colours, including signature sets from its sponsored artists. World-renowned tattooists like Rich Pineda, Liz Cook, Jess Yen, Myke Chambers, Levgen, Mike DeVries, and Kelly Doty have their own Eternal Ink signature series.

We also stock zombie colours, muted earth tones, and portrait colours from Eternal Ink, so make sure to browse our online shop and you’ll be sure to find tattoo inks that are perfect for your work!

Radiant Colors

Hailing from California, USA, Radiant Colors has dedicated itself to making tattoo inks in bright and long-lasting colours that are easy to apply. All tattoo inks from Radiant Colors are sterilised and contain pure, uncut, homogenised pigment.

Radiant Colors has worked with top artists to produce their bold tattoo inks, including creating signature sets with Angelo Nicolella, Carlox Angarita, Laky, and Luis Bonilla.

The Angelo Nicolella Portrait Set will help to elevate your colour realism work, especially when creating realistic portraits, while the Carlox Angarita Set features a spectacular selection of the best tones that combine the colours used for Carlox’s eye-catching style.

Go for the Luis Bonilla New School Set if you’re looking for vivid colours that are perfect for new school styles and bold outlines or perhaps the Laky Gore Set for any horror-style work.

As well as offering standard colours, we also stock the Radiant Colors Pastel Set – never have soft tones looked stronger!

With such vibrant colours to choose from, why don’t you join the likes of Killer Ink sponsored artists Chris Papadakis, Tom Falgayras/MF Creativink, and Yaiza Rubio in using Radiant Colors tattoo ink today!

Dynamic Color Company

Dynamic Color Company has been specialising in high-quality tattoo ink since 1990 and is best known for the quality of its flagship product, Dynamic Black Ink.

Used by professional tattoo artists for many years, Dynamic Black Ink is easy to use and will keep its deep black colour even after healing, with no blue or purple tint. This particular black tattoo ink from Dynamic Color Co. has been frequently named as one of the most effective black inks for lining and tribal designs.

Dynamic Color Co. followed its iconic black ink with Triple Black, a pre-dispersed colour that will create a bold, solid shade of black. Even more concentrated that the standard Dynamic Black Ink, Triple Black contains a higher pigment load, which results in a bolder and darker black – although it remains easily workable.

Killer Ink stocks Dynamic White Ink, which can be mixed with Dynamic Black Ink to lighten the shade, as well as Heavy White Ink, which contains a large amount of pigment to result in a pure white that will not fade over time.

After years of tattoo artists asking, Dynamic Color Co. finally producer a grey wash set that is blended from their tried and true original black formula. Each grey wash from Dynamic contains its 00 Mixing Solution, which uses the purest hospital-grade water that has been filtered, distilled and UV-sterilised in its facility to ensure that it’s of the highest purity and standard.

Countless blackwork and black and grey artists worldwide are using Dynamic Color Co.’s tattoo inks in their work, such as our sponsored tattooists Luke Sayer, Simon Mora, Duncan Whitfield, and El Carnicero.

Solid Ink

Solid Ink is a US-based tattoo ink manufacturer that only uses organic pigments of the highest quality. The pigments are very concentrated, resulting in super bright colours and maximum saturation.

Made in the USA and EU-approved, all tattoo inks from Solid Ink are easy to work with and heal solid. They are also 100% vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Killer Ink stocks a wide range of eye-catching coloured tattoo inks from Solid Ink, as well as a Matte Black (very opaque, super black), Lining Black (perfect for outlining, whether thick or fine), and White (THE white – doesn’t get whiter than this!).

We also carry The Mixer from Solid Ink in our online shop, which is great to break down the Lining Black to get different shades of grey for black and grey styles. You can also use The Mixer to dilute Solid Ink colours and make them lighter for faster tattooing.

As well as individual inks, we also offer two ink sets that have been developed by Solid Ink in collaboration with legendary tattoo artists Chris Garver and Horitomo.

With over 30 years of experience in tattooing, Chris Garver chose to mix the 12 tones in his set according to his experience and diversity with all tattooing styles. On the other hand, Master Horitomo used his experience in traditional Japanese tattooing to achieve 12 colours for a perfect Japanese tattoo composition.

Make sure to check out the work of our sponsored tattoo artists Lucas Ferreira, Rodrigo Kalaka, and Toni Ángar to see just how amazing Solid Ink looks when in the skin!

Panthera Ink

Manufactured in Italy, Panthera Ink is one of the most popular tattoo inks among artists who specialise in black and grey work, thanks to its excellent tattoo inks at exceptional prices!

Panthera Ink’s XXX Tribal Black is a super dark black ink that is suitable for all work that requires opaque filling, such as tribal tattoos. Once healed, it will stay as black as the day you put it in the skin!

We stock Liner black ink from Panthera that has the ideal consistency for outlining, as well as the Sumy Shader, which is available in Light or Dark and is great for shading. Our online shop also offers Polar White, which will produce a bright and bold white when healed and has extra durability from fading in the sun.

Make sure to also check out Panthera Ink’s Cristal Shading Solution – this will give your work that extra sharpness and make those colours and blacks really stand out on the skin.

Over the years, Panthera Ink has collaborated with master tattoo artists Ralf Nonnweiler and Matteo Pasqualin on some must-have inks and sets.

The Smooth tattoo ink set from world-renowned tattooist Ralf Nonnweiler contains two tattoo inks: one for ‘Blending’ and the other for the ‘Finish’, which are both the final steps from the light Sumy Shader.

More recently, Panthera and Ralf collaborated again on the manufacturer’s darkest black ever, Gloom Black. Panthera Ink Gloom Black is a long-lasting, deep black ink that is easy to tattoo into the skin and stays bright after healing. Particularly suited for saturating backgrounds and solid black filling.

Panthera Ink’s collaboration with Italian realism artist Matteo Pasqualin resulted in the Black Shading Collection, which features seven special black tattoo inks, one bright white ink, and an illustrated manual from the artist himself.

Aside from Ralf and Matteo, many other top tattooers swear by Panthera Ink today, including Killer Ink sponsored artists Kati Berinkey/Rockin Rabbit, Bintt, Clod the Ripper, and Alessandro Raggi.

World Famous Limitless

World Famous Limitless is the newest tattoo ink range from the renowned US manufacturer that complies with the latest Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations in the EU.

As World Famous Ink is a global manufacturer, the new EU REACH regulations provided an opportunity for the brand to create a new tattoo ink line that not only meets, but exceeds regulatory standards, resulting in an updated, world market-compliant product.

Introducing Limitless, the new EU REACH-compliant tattoo ink range from World Famous Ink that has been created by artists for artists. The World Famous Limitless line-up contains durable, versatile tattoo inks with research-driven formulations that fly into the skin with ease.

As with the original World Famous Ink colours, all Limitless tattoo inks are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and made in the USA.

Kuro Sumi Imperial

Kuro Sumi began the year with the introduction of its new EU REACH-compliant tattoo ink range, Imperial

Originally formulated in Japan, Kuro Sumi Imperial is fully-compliant with the latest EU REACH regulations, ensuring only the best raw materials and manufacturing processes were used in the creation of this tattoo ink range.

The result of Kuro Sumi's efforts is a flawless, vibrant tattoo ink that is perfect for a variety of styles and goes into the skin quick and easy.