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Vertix Nano

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Vertix Nano Needles have been expertly designed by DarkLab in the US. They are some of the most advanced, popular permanent make-up cartridges on the market today.

Specially developed to meet the needs of the most demanding permanent make-up treatments, DarkLab Vertix Nano cartridges contain needles that are ultra-thin in design, making them perfect for the precision and accuracy required in advanced PMU techniques.

The elongated tip of the cartridge is completely transparent, giving a clear view of the pigment flow and allowing artists to make very slightly needle adjustments with confidence.

DarkLab Vertix Nano cartidges are fitted with a secure, low-tension safety membrane, which prevents any fluids, blood or pigment leaking back into the machine. This ensures maximum hygiene and reduces the risk of cross contamination in your clinic or studio.

Rigorously tested for optimum quality, each Vertix Nano PMU cartridge contains perfectly-grouped needles that have been created from Japanese surgical steel.

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