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#08 Bugpin

Killer Ink Tattoo stocks bugpin needles pre-packed in tubes, all of which are sterile and perfect for tattoo artists who prefer to use disposables to make their job easier.

Our pre-packed bugpin needles in tubes are ready to be loaded straight into a tattoo machine, allowing artists to get right to work, therefore saving time and money.

All of the bugpin tattoo needles in the pre-packed tubes are pre-sterilised, reducing the risk of contamination.

Our bugpin pre-packed tubes are available with either a 19mm to 25mm grip – whichever you chose is down to preference!

If you’re shopping for pre-packed tubes with bugpin needles, the tubes are available in the following sizes: round, diamond, and mixed.

Pre-packed tubes with bugpin needles are available in packs of five and boxes of 20 or 25.

Looking for thicker tattoo needles? Try our pre-packed tubes with precision needles.

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