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  1. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink


Kuro Sumi tattoo ink is one of the most popular tattoo inks on the market among black and grey artists. The top secret formulas for Kuro Sumi tattoo inks have descended from centuries of Japanese tattoo artists.

When it comes to their individual tattoo inks, Kuro Sumi’s contain purely organic elements, are made from the highest quality ingredients and provide excellent results.

Killer Ink Tattoo offers two types of Kuro Sumi tattoo ink: Kuro Sumi Glow and Kuro Sumi Black and Greywash. The Kuro Sumi Glow range comprises all of the colour tattoo inks, while we also stock tattoo inks for outlining and shading.

Kuro Sumi Glow tattoo inks are sensitive to black light and contain some of the brightest UV ink available. Kuro Sumi tattoo inks are known for their quality, and the Glow range is no exception!

We stock individual and sets of Kuro Sumi outlining and shading tattoo inks, available in either 180ml (6oz) or 360ml (12oz) bottles.

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