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The Inkjecta Flite Nano is a rotary tattoo machine that is dedicated for cartridges. We currently stock three versions of the Inkjecta Flite Nano tattoo machine in our online shop: the Lite, the Titan and the Elite. Each cartridge-dedicated tattoo machine is very versatile and suitable for lining, shading and colouring across all styles.

Inkjecta Flite Nano tattoo machines come with a pre-installed 3.25 mm excenter and an RCA connection. The rotary tattoo machines also have a custom ‘Nano Technology’ brushless motor with no start-up delay, ensuring a very smooth performance. The operating voltage for each Inkjecta Flite Nano is between 4.5 and 20 Volts.

Every Inkjecta Flite Nano tattoo machine comes with a semi-rigid bar and Inox lubricant with the box, while the Titan and Elite models also receive soft, medium and hard torsion bars. These Inkjecta Torsion Bars allow tattoo artists to set the hardness of the rotary machine just the way they like it, making the Titan and Elite the most versatile Inkjecta Flite Nano machines.

Both the Inkjecta Flite Nano Lite and Elite variants feature an alloy billet construction, with the Elite model also coming with a titanium collar vice. The Inkjecta Flite Nano Titan has a carbon fibre frame, making it extremely lightweight and topping the scales at just 47 grams.

The Inkjecta Flite Nano Titan and Elite tattoo machines also have side cushions (for increased comfort) and an LED activation light – a cool little feature.

All Inkjecta Flite Nano rotary tattoo machines are compatible with cartridge grips with a collar and those with a backstem, such as Inkjecta Textured Ergo Cart Grips, DarkLab RPG Click Ergo Grips and Cheyenne HAWK Grips.

As these tattoo machines are cartridge-dedicated, tattoo artists can use cartridges from all of the major brands, including Cheyenne HAWK Cartridges and Killer Ink Tattoo Cartridges.

In terms of performance, all Inkjecta Flite Nano tattoo machines are the same. However, the price difference is down to the construction of the rotary machines and the contents of the box.

Although the Inkjecta Flite Nano Lite is unpainted, the Titan and Elite models are available to order in many eye-catching colours.

Killer Ink Tattoo also stocks various parts for the Inkjecta Flite Nano rotary machines in our online shop, including Bumpers, Caps, Flex Bars, Rigid Bars, Semi-Rigid Bars, Cams, and Rubber Grip Sleeves. The Bumpers and Caps are available in a variety of colours and can be used to customise your Inkjecta Flite Nano tattoo machine or to replace your old parts.

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