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429 Too Many Requests

429 Too Many Requests

  1. A Love Letter to the London Tattoo Convention

    A Love Letter to the London Tattoo Convention

    The tattoo world received the incredibly sad news recently that the iconic London Tattoo Convention had come to an end, so we wanted to pen a little love letter to the show that brought joy to so many tattoo artists and enthusiasts from across the globe. The London Tattoo Convention was always one of the biggest events on the calendar...
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  2. Equaliser Tattoo Machines

    Equaliser Tattoo Machines

    KWADRON may be best known for its high-quality cartridges and needles, but you can be sure that its range of Equaliser-branded tattoo machines are just as amazing! All Equaliser tattoo machines have been designed by KWADRON in Poland, made from top quality materials and perfect for a range of tattooing styles. The Equaliser Proton was KWADRON’s first pen-style rotary...
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  3. Sponsored Artist of the Month – Brad Wallis

    Sponsored Artist of the Month – Brad Wallis

    Brad Wallis is a UK tattoo artist with a penchant for creating dope black and grey realism and portraiture. Always drawn to the world of body art, Brad started his full-time tattooing career in 2016 at Liverpool-based Black Lotus Tattoo Studio, owned by fellow black and grey specialist and Killer Ink sponsored artist Sonny Mitchell. Under the tutelage of Sonny...
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  4. A Quick Look Back at 2020…

    A Quick Look Back at 2020…

    As we’re about to step into 2021 and leave this year behind, we wanted to take a quick look back at 2020 and what we got up to in this crazy year! We know that 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, but we’ll all get through these difficult times together and our industry will be back even stronger...
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  5. Critical XRR & CXP19 Wireless Combo

    Critical XRR & CXP19 Wireless Combo

    The XRR power supply and CXP19 wireless foot pedal from Critical are the perfect wireless combo for running your tattoo machines and would make a great addition to your workstation. The Critical XRR follows in the footsteps from the popular CX- and XR-branded power supplies from the American manufacturer. It includes user-friendly features such as capacitive-touch interface, a CNC-machined billet...
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  6. Musotoku Power Supplies

    Musotoku Power Supplies

    Musotoku is the builder of some of the finest tattoo power supplies around that will keep your rotary and coil machines running smoothly all day long. All power supplies from Musotoku are easy-to-operate and have a high output of 5A, which will give you a clean and stable current. This means that your tattoo machines will run without any fluctuations...
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  7. Sponsored Artist of the Month – Shooby

    Sponsored Artist of the Month – Shooby

    French tattooist Sébastien Coston, known as Shooby, is a realism wizard who is equally proficient with colour work as he is with black and grey pieces. Always attracted to an artistic career, Shooby made the switch from selling his original paintings in his spare time from his 9-5 job to becoming a tattoo artist at his friend’s studio back in...
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  8. A History of the Bristol Tattoo Club

    A History of the Bristol Tattoo Club

    The Bristol Tattoo Club is one of the most illustrious tattooing institutions around and was the brainchild of the legendary Les Skuse. The Club is still going strong today, with its President Jimmie Skuse having transformed it back to its glory days and overseeing the product of its iconic coil tattoo machines. We wanted to take an in-depth look into...
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  9. Inkjecta Flite X1 Wireless Tattoo Machine & Grips

    Inkjecta Flite X1 Wireless Tattoo Machine & Grips

    It’s been an exciting year for Australian tattoo machine builders Inkjecta, with the creators of the popular Flite Nano range of rotaries having launched their eagerly-anticipated wireless tattoo machine, the Flite X1. The Inkjecta Flite X1 is a wireless, battery-powered rotary tattoo machine that is choc-full of innovative technology and offers an abundance of adjustment options. Offering up to 8...
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  10. Sponsored Artist of the Month – Carolina Caos Avalle

    Sponsored Artist of the Month – Carolina Caos Avalle

    Carolina Caos Avalle is an Italian artist who is putting her own stamp on the tattooing industry with her eye-catching contemporary body art. Equally proficient on paper and canvas as she is on the skin, Carolina has been honing her skills for many years, with her self-styled ‘avant-garde realism’ work turning heads wherever she tattoos. Carolina’s modern-looking, multi-award-winning tattoos are...
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