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Not content with just creating some of the world’s finest coil tattoo machines, FK Irons owner Gaston Siciliano entered the ‘Rotary Age’ with Spektra, dedicated to the engineering of rotary tattoo machines.

Spektra, a division of FK Irons and backed by the company’s famed engineering team, first entered the world of tattooing back in 2012 with the game-changing Spektra Halo rotary tattoo machine. The unique rotary tattoo machine was an instant success, with world-renowned tattoo artists praising the rotary machines top performance and suitability for accomplishing all tasks.

The Spektra Halo rotary tattoo machine, along with its successor, the Spektra Halo 2 Crossover, features the detachable MotorBolt system, as well as an autoclavable machine body, meaning that maintenance and sanitation can be performed with ease.

Spektra’s Halo 2 Crossover rotary tattoo machine has been designed to push cartridges as well as standard needles, while the Floating Collet Vice System allows you to use any grip on the market: screw-on grips and grips with a traditional backstem. It has never been easier to change from cartridges to standard needles!

The Spektra Direkt 2 Crossover tattoo machine has also been designed to push both cartridges and standard needles, while its patented Spektra MultiVise System accepts conventional backstem and screw-on-style cartridge grips without the need for adaptors.

Spektra’s Direkt 2 rotary tattoo machine features grommetless clip-on armature and comes with stroke caps in three different sizes, allowing tattoo artists to adjust the stroke length to their preferences.

The Spektra Edge X is one of the most sophisticated and versatile dedicated cartridge machines available on the market. Spektra’s Edge X rotary tattoo machine offers a fully-adjustable experience without the need for additional stroke wheels, bars, or interchangeable parts.

Just like with FK Irons, all rotary tattoo machines from Spektra are made in the USA.

Killer Ink Tattoo also stocks various DarkLab RPG Click Grips, including a new range that has been designed with ergonomics in mind.

If you’re shopping for parts for your Spektra rotary tattoo machine, we offer various MotorBolts for the different machines, along with other accessories.

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