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Cheyenne Hawk

Used by professional tattoo artists across the globe, Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machines are renowned for embracing the most sophisticated technology in the tattoo industry. Manufactured in Berlin, Cheyenne has developed a fine range of high quality rotary tattoo machines, tattoo needle cartridges, grips and power supplies that when combined, can create the ideal tattoo!

It all started with the original Cheyenne HAWK, the company’s first rotary machine. Although no longer in production, the Cheyenne HAWK rotary machine was used and loved by professional tattoo artists around the world.

Next up was the Cheyenne HAWK Spirit, a light and flexible machine that is perfect for all aspects of tattooing, making it an excellent all-in-one machine. The ergonomic design of the Cheyenne HAWK Spirit helps to deliver fast strokes and quick punctures, with tattoo artists appreciating the machines ease of use.

Following on from the HAWK Spirit was the Cheyenne HAWK Thunder, a rotary tattoo machine that is ideal for creating dots and lines as well as all lining, shading and colouring work. Cheyenne has since increased the stroke length of the HAWK Thunder by up to 4mm, making it great for colour packing and solid black work.

Cheyenne’s latest machine is the Cheyenne HAWK Pen - an excellent all rounder for artistic freedom. This innovative rotary tattoo machine with its ergonomic pen like shape vibrates less than conventional tattoo devices, while still maintaining high puncturing power.

As well as being able to pick out your preferred Cheyenne machine from our comprehensive collection, you can also get all of the accessories you need for your rotary tattoo machine such as Cheyenne HAWK needle cartridges as well as a choice of Cheyenne HAWK Grips.

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