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Disposable Tattoo Tubes

At Killer Ink, we see as much as possible being disposable as the future. We have a comprehensive range of equipment to cater for the needs of professional tattoo artists. These include a wide variety of disposable tubes, grips and tips, which are available in all different designs and sizes. All the products for sale in this area of our site are of the highest quality and all disposable tubes come sterile in blister packaging.

Check out our disposable tattoo tubes which designs offer a smooth experience while working on body art. The special ergonomic features are exploited by many of the top tattoo artists due to the products’ high quality and ability to ensure tattooing is fluent and enjoyable.

There are also disposable tattoo grips that have been made with the tattooist in mind as well as the process, so they can help to keep the hand in comfort during extensive sessions.

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