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Panthera Tattoo Ink

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Panthera Tattoo Ink is becoming one of the most popular inks among tattoo artists specialising in black and grey work. Manufactured in Italy and available in 150ml (5oz) bottles, Panthera Tattoo Ink is an excellent tattoo ink at an excellent price.

Panthera Tattoo Ink's XXX Tribal Black ink is the darkest black in the range and perfect for all work which requires solid filling, such as tribal tattoos. Also available from Killer Ink Tattoo is Panthera Liner Black Tattoo Ink, which has the ideal consistency for outlining, and Panthera Sumy Shader Black Tattoo Ink – great for shading!

Panthera Tattoo Ink's Polar White ink produces a bright and bold white when healed and has extra durability from fading in the sun. If you want your black and grey or colour work to be sharper and really stand out, then Panthera Tattoo Ink's Cristal Shading Solution will be your new best friend!

Killer Ink Tattoo also stocks a two bottle tattoo ink set from world-renowned Stigma-Rotary® tattoo artist Ralf Nonnweiler. The Smooth tattoo ink set features two tattoo inks: one for ‘Blending’ and the other for the ‘Finish’, which are both the final steps down from the light Sumy Shader.

Panthera Tattoo Ink has also collaborated with realism artist Matteo Pasqualin on his own range of tattoo inks which are available as a complete set of eight 30ml (1oz) bottles. The Panthera Matteo Pasqualin Black Shading Collection contains seven special black tattoo inks, one bright white tattoo ink and an illustrated manual by the artist.

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