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  1. Stigma-Rotary® Machines


Stigma® has been revolutionizing the tattoo industry ever since their first adjustable rotary in 2005. The first generation Stigma-Rotary® machines were invented, designed and built by rotary pioneer and artist Artemis Rosakis, who remains today, the head developer and father of every Stigma® model ever made.

Stigma Rotary is the global leader when it comes to the manufacture of top quality rotary machines. These rotaries are built using revolutionary technology to make things easier for tattoo artists everywhere. A Stigma tattoo machine offers maximum performance and achieves optimal results in shading, lining, blending, layering and colour packing.

Killer Ink are the global distributor for Stigma-Rotary® Tattoo Machines, and of course offer the full range of Stigma® products, including the solid hitting Beast, the infinitely adjustable Prodigy and the Hyper V3

Please be aware, we also have an assortment of Stigma Rotary parts available here in our online store.

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