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Thermal Printers

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Thermal printers are widely used in the tattoo industry for creating tattoo stencils and our wide range of Brother Thermal Printers are perfect for printing high-quality carbon images of your tattoo designs straight from your computer, mobile or tablet.

Brother Thermal Printers feature direct thermal printing technology that ensures reliable quality when printing your tattoo stencil design, no matter the conditions or environment. Most of our thermal printers are compact, lightweight and portable making them ideal for a range of situations such as travelling, conventions and studios. 

Our Brother DS-820W Portable Wireless Document Scanner gives you the option of scanning a hand-drawn design that can be transferred to your computer or mobile before you print it out as a tattoo stencil.

Brother Thermal Printers will also recognise any change of tones in your tattoo design during the printing process, so you’ll be able to see differing shades or tones more clearly instead of just seeing outlines.

Our range of complementing accessories include a protective rubber cover case, carry case and rechargeable Li-on Battery.

We also offer a great range of quality tattoo transfer paper to use for printing your tattoo designs such as our very own Killer Ink Tattoo Transfer Carbon Paper.


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