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Neotat Tattoo Machines

14 Items


14 Items


NeoTat was founded by American Ray Webb, a man with an extensive background in electric and mechanical engineering who began building tattoo machine parts in the early ‘90s for a tattoo supply company.

In 2004 he made his first rotary tattoo machine of his own original design, using an entirely new mechanism. And so, NeoTat was born.

All rotary tattoo machines built by NeoTat are proudly manufactured in the USA from only the best materials and components. Each tattoo machine is hand-fitted and assembled before it goes through a rigorous testing process. This gives tattoo artists peace of mind that their purchase will work consistently for many years to come.

NeoTat is devoted to changing the way tattoo ink gets laid, and with a smooth linear action and soundless performance, its latest rotary tattoo machines are certainly living up to the hype.

If you are after a NeoTat rotary tattoo machine, check out the excellent options that we have for sale here at Killer Ink Tattoo.

We stock both the NeoTat Original Tattoo Machine and NeoTat Vivace Tattoo Machine in various colours, along with offering motors for the Vivace rotary machine and springs for both tattoo machines.

All NeoTat rotary tattoo machines are consistent and smooth-running, with a unique mechanism that produces a perfectly straight linear motion. A guide clip is featured as standard, which holds the needle bar in place, thus eliminating the need for rubber bands.

Both the NeoTat Original and Vivace rotary tattoo machines are available in three stroke lengths: short (1.8mm), standard (2.5mm) and long (3.5mm) for the Original, and standard (2.5mm), long (3.5mm), and very long (4.2mm) for the Vivace.

The main difference between the Original and Vivace rotary tattoo machines from NeoTat is the weight, with the Original weighing 160g, while the Vivace hits the scale at a lighter 115g. The NeoTat Vivace also features a longer stroke length.

NeoTat rotary tattoo machines are also low maintenance and have autoclavable machine bodies.

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