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  1. The Kaos Theory Project Video Series
The Kaos Theory Project Video Series

The Kaos Theory Project Video Series

We were down at No Regrets Studio in London back in July to film the first edition of “The Kaos Theory Project” from our sponsored artist Ryan ‘The Scientist’ Smith.

The ambitious event featured six world class tattoo artists coming together for an intense week of collaborations.

Joining Ryan Smith at the studio were Benjamin Laukis, Jay Freestyle, Jenna Kerr, Julian Siebert, and Jorge Becerra.

As well as filming each collaboration, we shot and edited a round-up video which goes into further detail about the Kaos Theory Project.

Check the videos out below!

The Kaos Theory Project Teaser

A little taste of what is to come in the first edition of the Kaos Theory Project video series!

Benjamin Laukis & Julian Siebert

Ben and Julian’s sick sleeve comprised an alien, skull and some of Ben’s signature lettering.

Jay Freestyle & Jenna Kerr

Jay and Jenna worked on a killer leg sleeve that featured a portrait, spider, spider web and some intricate dot work.

Ryan 'The Scientist' Smith & Jay Freestyle

Ryan and Jay produced an incredible full sleeve that combined some of the best parts of each artists’ styles. Check out the black line that runs down the arm and across each fingertip!

Jay Freestyle & Julian Siebert

Jay and Julian learned a lot from each other’s tattooing style, creating an incredible Pharaoh-themed leg sleeve in the process!

Benjamin Laukis & Jorge Becerra

If you’re under 18, look away now! Jorge and Ben’s work was a crazy good 18+ piece that would make your nan faint!

Ryan 'The Scientist' Smith & Jenna Kerr

It’s not the first time Ryan and Jenna have collaborated, with the artists creating another stunning ornamental piece for their client.

Julian Siebert & Jenna Kerr

Julian and Jenna produced a Sandman-inspired tattoo that we’re sure would make the writer Neil Gaiman proud!

Ryan 'The Scientist' Smith & Jorge Becerra

Life and death was the theme for Ryan and Jorge’s double leg pieces – well, “muerte” and “vida”, but you get the idea!

Jorge Becerra & Jay Freestyle

Jorge and Jay combined their talents to tattoo an awesome Geisha on their client.

Jenna Kerr & Benjamin Laukis

Jenna and Ben’s collaborative piece had a killer tiger in the middle of an ornamental surrounding.

The Kaos Theory Project - First Edition

Presenting the first edition of the Kaos Theory Project – huge congratulations to the six artists who took part in the week for their awesome work and their clients for sitting so well!

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