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Hustle Bubbles Deluxe

Hustle Bubbles Deluxe

From tattoo butters to foam wash, Hustle Butter continues to release game-changing products.

The latest from the Brooklyn hustlers is Hustle Bubbles Deluxe, a revolutionary refined rinse that has burst onto the scene.

Hustle Bubbles Deluxe is everything you love about the original Hustle Butter Deluxe in an anti-microbial skin cleanser.

Use Hustle Bubbles Deluxe as an alternative to green soap thanks to its anti-microbial properties.

Hustle Bubbles Deluxe decreases the bacteria on the skin, while gently cleaning, soothing and nourishing the skin. Use it to keep fresh tattoos and piercings clean during the healing process.

This latest foam wash is easy to apply and doesn’t require diluting before use… simply pump and go!

As with all products from Hustle Butter, Hustle Bubbles Deluxe is all-natural, vegan-friendly, cruelty free and smells incredible!

The release of Hustle Bubbles Deluxe followed the CBD-infused Hustle Butter C.B.D. Luxe and the original Hustle Butter Deluxe tattoo care.

Upon its release, artists loved Hustle Butter C.B.D. Luxe as it was the same tattoo butter that they all knew and loved, but with the added benefit of 500mg of CBD oil for anti-inflammatory properties.

C.B.D. Luxe brings the same benefits as the original Hustle Butter Deluxe, meaning no clogged tubes, no removed stencils, no overworked highlights, and a noticeable reduction in redness and irritation of the skin.

Make sure to check out the full Hustle Butter Deluxe range and let us know which products you are looking forward to using!

You can’t knock the hustle!

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