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Silverback Ink®

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Made in the USA, Silverback Tattoo Ink is one of the most popular tattoo inks worldwide for black and grey work.

Killer Ink Tattoo stocks the whole range of EU-compliant Silverback Tattoo Ink, which comprises XXX Series, DARK Grey Wash Series, InstaBlack, Insta10Shade Grey Wash Series, Stupid Black, White, and Clear Solution.

As well as offering individual 30ml (1oz) or 120ml (4oz) bottles of Silverback Tattoo Ink, Killer Ink Tattoo also offers a complete set of 10 Silverback Ink Insta10Shade Grey Wash Series, a complete set of four Silverback Ink XXX Grey Wash, and a complete set of three Silverback Ink Dark Grey Wash.

Silverback Tattoo Ink is “The Original” Grey Wash Series and has been producing high-quality tattoo ink since 2005. Silverback Tattoo Ink goes into the skin smooth, fast and even, and mixes well with most colours.

What makes Silverback Tattoo Ink perfect for tattoo artists is that it cuts out the guesswork of whether your grey washes are too dark or too light. Silverback Tattoo Ink Grey Wash Series comes pre-mixed, which will add consistency to your tattoo work.

When it comes to black tattoo ink, how can you know which one of Silverback Tattoo Ink’s products is best for you? Well, Silverback Tattoo Ink InstaBlack goes into the skin more velvety than Stupid Black, whereas Silverback Tattoo Ink Stupid Black has more of a sticky consistency. Try both for yourself to see what works best for the way you tattoo!

Then there’s Silverback Tattoo Ink XXX Black, which is a dark, all-purpose black that is easy to use. Silverback Tattoo Ink XXX Black is best used as a solid base colour in conjunction with the Silverback Tattoo Ink Grey Wash Series. It’s also perfect for both lining and shading!

Looking for a vegan tattoo ink range? You'll be pleased to know that Silverback Ink® only produces cruelty-free tattoo inks that are made with the highest quality ingredients.  

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