The 2020 Milano Tattoo Convention was yet another incredible event, with hundreds of the best tattoo artists around showing off their incredible skills to the masses.

While at the 25th anniversary edition of the event, we took some time out from filming our main video to shoot timelapses of some amazing work produced by various artists.

Click the videos below to watch the creation of tattoos from Taras Prystupa, Polyc SJ, Antonis Megas, Leonardo De Amicis, Luca Cospito, Vincent Zattera, and an eye-catching collaboration between Mambo Tattooer and Pitta KKM!

Taras Prystupa

Ukrainian-born, Polish-based tattoo artist Taras Prystupa brought his killer style to the 2020 Milano Tattoo Convention with a Captain Ahab/Moby Dick themed piece.

Polyc SJ

Everyone loves Studio Ghibli tattoos, so South Korean artist Polyc SJ put his unique spin on Totoro from the popular animated movie My Neighbor Totoro when he tattooed his apprentice at the 2020 Milano Tattoo Convention.

Antonis Megas

Greek tattooist Antonis Megas, who now plies his trade in Austria, tattooed this clean and crisp blackwork mandala at the 2020 Milano Tattoo Convention

Mambo Tattooer & Pitta KKM

The 2020 Milano Tattoo Convention played host to an amazing collaboration between Italian artist Mambo Tattooer and South Korean tattooist Pitta KKM as they mashed-up their signature styles to create this stunning work.

Leonardo De Amicis

Italian tattooist Leonardo De Amicis recreated an iconic photograph of Johnny Cash with a small yet detailed black and grey portrait of the music legend at the 2020 Milano Tattoo Convention.

Luca Cospito

Luca Cospito, aka Lucky Luchino, is known for his creepy blackwork tattoos, and the Italian tattoo artist didn’t disappoint at the 2020 Milano Tattoo Convention with his latest leg piece.

Vincent Zattera

Half bright and colourful new-school, half bold black lining… Italian artist Vincent Zattera calls his style ‘MEXOMEXO’ and he applied it to this dope basketball tattoo at the 2020 Milano Tattoo Convention.