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  1. Model Spends Over $15,000 on Tattoos from Artist Coen Mitchell
Model Spends Over $15,000 on Tattoos from Artist Coen Mitchell

Model Spends Over $15,000 on Tattoos from Artist Coen Mitchell

A lot of people who get a new tattoo often go and get more – it’s not an out-there concept. Summer McInerney took it a step further by spending over $15,000 on tattooing most of her body with the artist who did her first tattoo.

What makes it cooler for us is that it was actually a Killer Ink sponsored artist!

In July 2015, Australian freelance model Summer McInerney went to go and get a half-sleeve tattoo down her right arm from New Zealand tattooist Coen Mitchell, a Killer Ink sponsored artist.

She thought that she would “look quite hardcore with a half sleeve,” but little did she know that nearly two years later, Summer would have spent around 127 hours (or 15 full days) and over $15,000 on being tattooed by Coen.


Although she had no intention of getting more tattoos after her first one, Summer said that once she had met up with artist Coen Mitchell, she just had to get more.

It wasn’t long before Summer had Coen’s intricate patterns inked onto her stomach and chest, later following these up with tattoos on her right leg.

Since getting her ink, the 23-year-old has amassed thousands of followers on social media who are in awe of Coen’s work.

“It's very overwhelming,” Summer said. “I got these tattoos for me, I wanted to change my body into something unique. It's so fantastic to have so many people appreciating them.”


Does she have plans for more tattoos? Of course she does.

“Next, I will complete my right leg and then I'll get black and grey realism on my left with Coen. I'm happy to do my throat, but I know I'll never get my face done.”

Summer also gave some advice for those looking to get their first tattoos.

“I spent a solid two years looking into the artists I wanted to do my body, and I totally trust Coen. Everything he has done on my body complements it perfectly.

“Pick the artist who will do the best thing for your body and then spend the money - don't feel bad about it.

“I've spent around $15,000 excluding travel to and from New Zealand to see Coen, but these tattoos will be on my body for the rest of my life. You've got to invest.”


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