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Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited Wireless Tattoo Machine - Black

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The Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited is the next step in the evolution of Cheyenne's popular SOL Nova rotary and the brand's first wireless tattoo machine.

Instead of using a power supply, Cheyenne's wireless pen-style rotary is powered by a rechargeable battery. As you'll receive two batteries with your SOL Nova Unlimited, along with a charger and cable, you can simply swap out the first and continue working while your other one is charging.

The Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited will take three hours to fully charge and will offer a minimum of five hours running time.

Operating the Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited couldn't be easier, as it's all done through a single button and motion control. You can adjust the frequency of the SOL Nova Unlimited quickly and easily by holding the button down while tilting the machine. Tilt up to increase the frequency and down to decrease.

With a wide frequency bandwidth that ranges from 25 to 140 Hz, the Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited is perfect for a wide range of tattooing styles. You can lower the frequency of the rotary for dotwork and realism or turn it up for fuller and more intense lines.

The SOL Nova Unlimited offers two operating modes: Steady Mode and Responsive Mode. Using Steady Mode will result in your machine running at a controlled speed, with no give and a consistent hard hit. With Responsive Mode, the frequency and hit of the SOL Nova Unlimited will adjust depending on the surface you're tattooing, essentially emulating give.

Like other Cheyenne rotary tattoo machines before it, the SOL Nova Unlimited is quiet to run with minimum vibration. It is powered by a brushless DC motor, offers adjustable needle depth from 0 to 4.0 mm, and is available in either 3.5 mm or 4.0 mm stroke lengths, depending on your preference.

The Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited is easy to cover and wrap for hygiene purposes and is compatible with the brand’s disposable Round and One Inch D-Grips.

Key Features:

  • Colour: Black
  • Wireless - no cords or power supplies needed
  • Operated via single button and motion control
  • Minimum 5 hours running time with only 3 hours charging time
  • Two operating modes: Steady Mode and Responsive Mode
  • Frequency: 25 - 140 Hz - ideal for a wide range of styles
  • 3.5 mm stroke (suitable for lining and shading) or 4.0 mm stroke (ideal for bold lines and colour packing)
  • Adjustable needle depth: 0 to 4.0 mm
  • Compatible with Cheyenne Round and One Inch D-Grips
  • Compatible with Cheyenne type needle cartridges
  • Included accessories: Cheyenne protective case, 2 rechargeable batteries, plus charger with cable
  • Diameter: 33 mm
  • Length: 125 mm
  • Weight (without battery): 152 g
  • Weight (including battery): 184 g
  • Manufactured in Germany according to medical standard (ISO 13485)

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