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Stigma-Rotary® is one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of high-quality rotaries and it’s set to raise the bar further with the introduction of some new tattoo machines.

But first, let’s take a step back and look at its inception. The first ever adjustable rotary machine from Stigma-Rotary® was invented, designed and built back in 2005 by rotary pioneer and tattoo artist Artemis Rosakis.

Even today, Artemis remains the head developer and father of every single Stigma® tattoo machine that is manufactured.

And what a job Artemis has done, with each Stigma-Rotary® machine offering maximum performance and achieving optimal results in lining, colour packing, shading, blending, and layering.

That’s not all though, with Stigma-Rotary® having released its Advanced Needle Cartridges last year, which were designed with safety in mind and featuring an external sealing cap to prevent any leak through to the grip and machine.

The innovative design doesn’t stop there though: when connected to a Stigma® grip, the cartridges form a dual seal, meaning that they seal completely with the grip at the connecting spot.

After releasing new machines in the form of the Neuro, Soldier and Ray last year, Stigma-Rotary® is set to kick it up another notch with the introduction of the new Hyper V4 (now available to pre-order), along with the Stylist and Spear pen-shaped machines.

The Stigma-Rotary® Hyper V4 is a smooth running and versatile hybrid tattoo machine, while the Stylist and Spear are advanced pen-shaped rotaries that are fully-adjustable on the fly.

The three machines will accept all brands of cartridges, including Stigma®’s advanced cartridges and conventional cartridges - like our own brand of Stellar Cartridges.

That’s not all from Stigma®, however, with the company keeping a few more aces up its sleeve, ready to be revealed over the coming months.

So make sure to keep an eye out on our site and social media pages to find out more!

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