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  1. Reference Skulls by Skull Shoppe
Reference Skulls by Skull Shoppe

Reference Skulls by Skull Shoppe

Looking for a skull for tattooing and other art form reference? We stock a great range of replicas from Skull Shoppe!

Each and every one of our skull replicas are hand-finished in natural bone colour, with each featuring distinguishing looks or markings.

For example, mandibles can be removed, some skulls have deviated septums and one even has tool marks for a distinctive look.

As well as being great points of reference for tattoo designs and other drawings, our skulls are also perfect for studio decorations – maybe even a practical joke or two!

For an example of an artist using Skull Shoppe replicas for artistic reference, check out the poster below by tattooist Emily Wood (Em BlackHeart) for the 2018 Brighton Tattoo Convention.

Emily designed the poster using only two biro pens and Skull Shoppe’s ‘Adult Female Caucasian’ skull as a reference.

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