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EGO Rotary Tattoo Machines

If you’re looking for a high-quality tattoo machine that is super-lightweight and wrist-friendly, look no further than those offered by EGO Rotary.

Created and designed by tattoo artist Bez from Triple Six Studios in Sunderland, UK, each and every EGO Rotary tattoo machine is incredibly easy to use, thanks to their ergonomic designs and light weight.

The latest tattoo machine from Bez and EGO Rotary is the Polygon, a new cartridge-dedicated machine that follows in the footsteps of the EGO R12 and R12 Plus models.

The new EGO Polygon has a fully-aluminium body and is the smallest machine from Bez to-date, topping the scales at just 65 grams – or 55 grams without the vice connector.

Powering the EGO Rotary Polygon is an enclosed Faulhaber brushless motor, while the tattoo machine has no start-up delay. The Polygon is smooth-running and has a perfectly straight, true linear drive motion – meaning no sideway vibration.

Artists can choose the give of the EGO Polygon by selecting one of seven main and nine disposable drive bars, each offering a different level of give (indicated by various colours).

There are main and disposable drive bars that offer soft, medium, and hard give, while an aluminium main drive bar offers a solid hit with no give.

Aside from the Polygon, the EGO Vertex 2 and V2 Plus rotary tattoo machines utilise the company’s ‘Power Triangle’ system. The EGO Rotary power triangles replicate the front and back spring system from a coil tattoo machine.

Thanks to the power triangles, tattoo artists can configure the EGO V2 Plus and Vertex 2 machines exactly how they want it, in terms of give and throw.

The EGO Vertex 2 also includes a direct drive option, giving tattoo artists the ability to harness the full power of the Faulhaber motor. Using the direct drive system over the power triangles means eliminating the machines give, in turn giving it a more aggressive hit behind the needle.

Not content with producing some of the best rotary tattoo machines around, EGO Rotary has also developed various high-quality tattoo grips, including the latest Aluminium Geo Grips and an assortment of Silicone and Disposable grips.

The new EGO Aluminium Geo Grips are cartridge grips with adjustable needle depth by simply turning the grip. The Geos click mechanism will lock the cartridge in the desired depth to prevent any involuntary turning while in use.

EGO Rotary’s latest Geo Grips have been crafted from aircraft aluminium and stainless steel, making them fully autoclavable.

Killer Ink Tattoo offers two versions of the EGO Aluminium Geo Grip in our online shop: Slimline (25mm at its widest point) and Large (35mm at its widest point), with various colours available. The EGO Geo Grips are compatible with all major cartridge brands.

If you prefer to use disposable grips, make sure to check out our range of EGO Disposable Cartridge Grips. We stock boxes of EGO Memory Foam Grip Covers, as well as EGO HAWKFLOW Disposable Cheyenne HAWK Grips and HAWKFLOW/BIOHAWK Disposable Cartridge Tubes.

Our online store also carries Silicone EGO Biogrips, which are autoclavable and ergonomically-designed to give you the utmost comfort while tattooing.

Sponsored Artist of the Month – Willy G

Willy Grattan, aka Willy G, is a multi-award-winning tattoo artist from Northern Ireland who specialises in black and grey realism.

Although only starting to tattoo professionally in 2012, Willy G’s talent and flair for body art was evident, managing to win multiple awards in just his second year of tattooing.

Willy G is the owner of self-named studio Willy G Tattoo in Whitehead, Northern Ireland – just a stone’s throw away from the sea with a picturesque view.

It’s not just the scenery that catches the eye though; step into the studio and you’ll find the man responsible for many awesome black and grey roses and portraits throughout the years.

His work has even brought many famous faces over to County Antrim to be tattooed, including footballers Kyle Lafferty, Rúben Neves, and Leonardo Bonatini.

Willy G also received notoriety in the news for an incredible mastectomy tattoo that he created on breast cancer survivor Sabrina Devlin.

Like many, Sabrina chose Willy G to tattoo her as she had “been following his work for ages and knew he could do what I wanted.”

To create his stunning black and grey tattoos, Willy G uses various supplies from Killer Ink Tattoo, including Hustle Butter Deluxe.

Make sure to follow Willy Grattan on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to keep up to date with his latest work!

Adem Senturk Conjures up The Nun in our Halloween Video

When a demonic nun is on the loose, who do you turn to if there are no priests around?

We enlist the help of killer artist Adem Senturk to conjure up a tattoo of The Nun in the hopes that we can vanquish the malevolent spirit from haunting his Fat Fugu studio.

Grab your rosary beads, say a prayer and check out our Halloween video below...

Range of Tattoo Needle Cartridges

We stock some of the best tattoo needle cartridges around, from KWADRON to Magic Moon, Cheyenne HAWK to Stigma-Rotary®, and our own Killer Ink Tattoo range.

No matter what type of tattoo cartridge you're looking for, we stock all configurations, perfect for lining, shading, and colour packing.

Our own Killer Ink Tattoo cartridges are available in two types: Stellar and Precision.

Both are of the highest quality and contain precision soldered needles and a secure membrane, which ensures that no ink or blood can leak through into the grip.

Killer Ink Tattoo Stellar Cartridges are enclosed in a single capsule, which is made from a super strong polycarbonate material and allows the needle to effortlessly glide without causing wear and tear.

The Stellar Cartridges are transparent, offering complete visibility of the needle while tattooing.

Our Precision Needle Cartridges are similar to the Stellar ones in terms of the membrane and high build quality, although they feature a smooth contoured tip which is completely transparent.

Killer Ink Tattoo Precision Needle Cartridges are now available in boxes of 20 at an even better price!

HAWK cartridges from Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment are some of the most recognisable in the industry, offering artists a quickly interchangeable system that makes their life easier.

Tattoo artists can change between needle configurations in seconds, helping them to save time and, therefore, money.

After the success of the Cheyenne HAWK Cartridges, the German company introduced HAWK Craft Cartridges to the world.

Cheyenne HAWK Craft Cartridges have all the qualities you’ve come to expect from the brand, but for a lower cost.

What sets the Cheyenne Craft Cartridges apart is the simplified design – the plastic tips are made from a single mould of medical grade plastic.

Countless artists around the globe are using Cheyenne HAWK Cartridges, and that many artists can’t be wrong!

KWADRON has established a reputation for manufacturing some of the best tattoo needles around, so it comes as no surprise that its tattoo cartridges are just as well received.

All KWADRON cartridges are fitted with razor-sharp, flexible needles, grouped together with the highest possible precision.

The cartridges also feature a needle stabilising system, which ensures optimal performance of your needles.

The tips of the needles are made from a medical-grade plastic, ensuring minimal friction and keeping your needles sharper for longer.

Heading back to Germany, Magic Moon is renowned as one of the best producers of tattoo cartridges around, with artists worldwide using its products.

Killer Ink Tattoo stocks the complete collection of Magic Moon cartridges, which are of the highest quality and go through the same rigorous quality control checks.

Magic Moon’s range of cartridges are colour-coded, so you can tell the different configurations apart quickly and easily.

We offer Magic Moon cartridges in a large range of configurations, tapers and sizes, so you’ll definitely find the right equipment for your needs!

The Stigma-Rotary® Advanced Cartridge System was designed with safety in mind.

All tattoo cartridges from Stigma-Rotary® feature an external sealing cap to prevent any leak through to the grip and tattoo machine.

Furthermore, when a Stigma® cartridge is connected to a Stigma® grip, this forms a dual seal, meaning that the cartridge seals completely with the grip at the connecting spot.

Stigma-Rotary® cartridges allow artists to comfortable grip them for ultimate control, thanks to their ergonomic shape and textured design.

While tattooing, the cartridges feel like an extension of the grip, making for a more comfortable experience.

The Stigma® cartridges are compatible with all Stigma-Rotary® tattoo machines that are currently available on our website.

TattooSnap is a fully-integrated disposable cartridge grip system – the needle cartridge is attached to the grip, making it very stable and secure.

TattooSnap Sterile Cartridges can be used on any tattoo machine with the use of the TattooSnap Vice Adapter.

Due to the magnetic connector on the adapter, the cartridge will simply snap into place, meaning that the needle will be perfectly centred.

Available in various configurations, the cartridges will also run on a lower voltage compared to other brands.

Before you go, make sure to check out our Killer Ink Disposable Tattoo Cartridge Trays.

Holding up to five cartridges, our Disposable Cartridge Trays will keep your cartridges in place while you’re not using them.

This won’t just keep your workplace tidy, it will also keep the cartridges from getting contaminated or dripping ink over your work surface.

The reservoirs at the front of the trays can also be filled with water to keep your needle cartridges from drying out.

Best Rotary Tattoo Machines

With so many rotary tattoo machines to choose from, it can be hard to know which is the best fit for you.

We’re going to run through the best rotary tattoo machines that are available to order from Killer Ink Tattoo and help you find your next machine.

There are a number of benefits to working with rotary machines, with many tattoo artists enjoying the low maintenance and ease of use.

No matter which rotary tattoo machine you choose to order from our online shop, you can be sure that it will serve you for years to come!

Killer Ink Tattoo is the global distributor for Stigma-Rotary® tattoo machines, which has designed some of the best rotary machines on the market today.

It’s been a very busy year for Stigma-Rotary®, with the brand releasing three incredible tattoo machines – two pen-style rotaries and one hybrid machine.

Artists who prefer using a pen-style rotary tattoo machine have the choice between Stigma-Rotary® Stylist and Spear models.

Both machines are compatible with all brands of cartridges, including Stigma®’s advanced cartridges and convention cartridges – like Cheyenne or our own brand of Stellar Cartridges.

The Stigma-Rotary® Stylist features a long ergonomic grip, 6W Swiss motor and an adjustable stroke length, while the Stigma-Rotary® Spear is completely adjustable on the fly – offering both adjustable stroke length AND give.

Following on from the Hyper V3 is the Stigma-Rotary® Hyper V4, a smooth-running and versatile hybrid tattoo machine.

The Hyper V4 features a universal screw-on connection which allows it to be used with cartridge grips from all the major brands.

Stigma®’s Hyper V4 tattoo machine pushes both standard needles and cartridges, while offering adjustable stroke length and give.

More recently, Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment looked to shake up the tattoo market with the release of its new Sol Nova rotary tattoo machine.

As with the much-loved Cheyenne HAWK Pen, the new Cheyenne Sol Nova has an ergonomic, pen-like shape. Compared to the Pen, however, the Sol Nova boasts more power and softer handling.

By shifting the weight of the machine to the front, Cheyenne has given the Sol Nova perfect balance, allowing for optimum control and accuracy.

The powerful brushless DC motor within the Cheyenne Sol Nova packs a punch, resulting in faster ink saturation. Even with this powerful motor, the quiet and soft operational mode of the Sol Nova means that it remains gentle on the skin, therefore allowing for a faster healing process.

As previously mentioned, the Cheyenne HAWK Pen is well-loved by tattoo artists around the globe and has been since the debut of the prototype back in 2014.

The Cheyenne HAWK Pen was the first-ever pen-style rotary tattoo machine and is still one of the best in its category today.

The idea of the pen-like shape was to give artists the closest feel to an actual pen that you could with a tattoo machine. For this reason, tattoo artists have found that they have more control and accuracy when using the HAWK Pen.

Before they conceived of a pen-shaped tattoo machine, Cheyenne was well-known for its three HAWK-branded rotary machines: the HAWK, HAWK Spirit, and HAWK Thunder.

The HAWK was Cheyenne’s first rotary tattoo machine and the company has now honoured its legacy with a special edition re-release to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Following on from this iconic machine was the Cheyenne HAWK Spirit, a light and flexible rotary that is great for all aspects of tattooing.

The HAWK Spirit is a true all-rounder machine, delivering fast strokes and quick punctures, while also being incredibly easy to use.

Next up was the Cheyenne HAWK Thunder, another superb all-rounder rotary tattoo machine that excelled at lining, shading and colouring work.

Cheyenne increased the stroke length of the HAWK Thunder tattoo machine up to 4mm, which makes it one of the best rotaries for colour packing and solid black work.

All EGO Rotary tattoo machines are super-lightweight with wrist-friendly designs, created and designed by tattoo artist Bez from Triple Six Studios in Sunderland, UK.

The latest offering from Bez is the brand-new EGO Polygon, a cartridge-dedicated rotary tattoo machine that follows on from the R12 and R12 Plus.

Featuring a fully-aluminium body with a lightweight, ergonomic design, the Polygon is the smallest machine from EGO Rotary to-date, weighing only 65 grams – or 55 grams without the vice connector.

The EGO Polygon is powered by an enclosed Faulhaber brushless motor and has no start-up delay. This smooth-running rotary has a perfectly straight, true linear drive motion, meaning no sideway vibration.

Tattoo artists can choose the give of the Polygon via seven main and nine disposable drive bars, each offering a different level of give indicated by various colours. Artists can use either the main or disposable drive bars to select soft, medium and hard give, while an aluminium main drive bar offers a solid hit with no give.

Unlike the Polygon, the Vertex 2 and V2 Plus tattoo machines from EGO Rotary utilise the company’s infamous ‘Power Triangles’, which replicate the front and back spring system from coil tattoo machines.

By using the power triangle system, tattoo artists can configure the EGO V2 Plus and Vertex 2 rotary tattoo machines exactly how they want it, in terms of give and throw.

The EGO Vertex 2 also includes a direct drive system option, which allows you to harness the full power of the Faulhaber motor. By using the direct drive system over the power triangles, you eliminate the machines give, which in turn gives it a more aggressive punch behind the needle.

Not content with creating some of the world’s best coil tattoo machines, FK Irons owner Gaston Siciliano entered the ‘Rotary Age’ with Spektra, a brand dedicated to the engineering of high-quality rotary tattoo machines.

Most recently, Spektra has been riding a wave of acclaim for its pen-shaped Xion rotary, which quickly took to the hearts and hands of some of the best tattoo artists across the world.

The Spektra Xion is a cartridge-dedicated tattoo machine that is both lightweight and ergonomic, allowing for optimal manoeuvrability – the kind of machine that tattoo artists will be able to use over long sessions.

Spektra Rotary has fitted the Xion with a specially-designed 6W MotorBolt that provides maximum torque throughout the tattooing session and ensures optimal performance of your cartridges.

The Spektra Xion is fully-adjustable, with tattoo artists able to adjust the stroke length, needle depth and give.

Permanent make-up artists can also take advantage of the Spektra Xion S, which has a smaller grip and a shorter stroke length – optimal for smaller needles and higher speeds, both commonly used for permanent make-up.

Aside from the Xion, Spektra Rotary also offers three top-class tattoo machines: the Edge X, Halo 2 Crossover, and Direkt 2.

The Spektra Edge X is a sophisticated and versatile cartridge-dedicated tattoo machine that utilises the Hex Drive motor system and Spektra’s MultiVise system.

The MultiVise system from Spektra allowed tattoo artists to use both conventional cartridge grips with a backstem and screw-on-style cartridge grips with the Edge X – which was a first in the industry upon release.

Thanks to an adjustable stroke with variable options, the Spektra Edge X eliminated the need for interchangeable stroke wheels.

After the release of the Edge X, Spektra brought back its original Halo machine with a bang, resulting in its do-all successor, the Halo 2 Crossover.

The Spektra Halo 2 Crossover is a rotary tattoo machine that handles it all, designed to push cartridges and standard needles.

The Halo 2 Crossover comes with a needle clip-on and stabiliser system, meaning artists could say goodbye to grommets and rubber bands.

Spektra’s Halo 2 rotary machine offers both adjustable stroke and give – the latter of which has been optimised for a flawless response with both cartridges and tattoo needles.

As with the Halo 2 Crossover, the Spektra Direkt 2 Crossover was designed to push both tattoo cartridges and standard needles.

Many of the world’s best tattoo artists have lauded the Direkt 2 Crossover, enjoying its powerful and consistent hit and its silent running at any voltage.

The Direkt 2 Crossover features the aforementioned MultiVise system from Spektra, along with a Hex Drive MotorBolt system that is compatible with Direkt and Edge X motors.

Across the pond in the United States, NeoTat has been producing some of the best quality rotary tattoo machines over the last 14 years.

Killer Ink Tattoo stocks three rotary machines from NeoTat: the Original, Vivace and Stregato.

The NeoTat Original is a consistent, smooth-running rotary tattoo machine that features a lightweight, ergonomic design that is easy to disassemble and clean.

Following on from the Original is the NeoTat Vivace, a lighter rotary machine featuring a removable, interchangeable motor cartridge, allowing for quick and easy adjustments to its stroke length.

The ergonomic design of the Vivace, as well as its low levels of vibration, helps to cut down on the fatigue associated with long tattooing sessions.

The latest offering from NeoTat is the Stregato, a cartridge-dedicated rotary tattoo machine that is smooth-running and powerful enough to push even the largest needle cartridges.

As with all machines from the American brand, the NeoTat Stregato has an ergonomically-shaped body that fits comfortable in your hand and is easy to grip while tattooing.

The Stregato also features NeoTat’s unique EyeLoc locking bar loop system, which allows tattoo artists a choice of soft of hard disposable drive bar cushions. This gives artists the choice between a softer or harder hit.

Rotary machines from Inkjecta are popular with many of the world’s best tattoo artists today, whether it be the Lite, Titan or Elite versions.

All Inkjecta rotaries are cartridge-dedicated tattoo machines that are incredible versatile and suitable for lining, shading and colouring across all styles.

Each Inkjecta tattoo machine comes with a pre-installed 3.25mm excenter, RCA connection, and a custom ‘Nano Technology’ brushless motor with no start-up delay.

The Titan and Elite models are the most versatile Inkjecta rotary machines as they come with soft, medium, and hard torsion bars. These torsion bars offer tattoo artists the ability to set the hardness of their machine just the way they like it.

Both the Lite and Elite versions feature an alloy billet construction, with the Elite also coming equipped with a titanium collar vice. The Titan variant, however, has a carbon fibre frame, making it extremely lightweight and topping the scales at just 47 grams.

Although best known for producing some of the finest tattoo needles and cartridges around, KWADRON also manufactures rotary tattoo machines under the ‘Equaliser’ moniker.

The first machine, the Equaliser Proton, is a pen-style rotary that will run cartridges from all of the major brands.

The Proton is powered by a 5W motor and features an advanced gear system that makes it a very quiet and reliable machine, with a complete lack of vibration when running.

Following on from the Proton was the Equaliser Mikron and Mikron Turbo – both small, cartridge-dedicated rotary tattoo machines that are very comfortable to work with.

The Mikron and Equaliser Mikron Turbo are fitted with a 4.5W Faulhaber motor and have a 3.5mm stroke length.

When it comes down to finding the best rotary tattoo machine for you, it really all comes down to preference.

If you need some more information regarding our range of rotary tattoo machines or need some help choosing the best one for you, please get in touch with us today!

Critical XR & XR-D Power Supplies - Similarities/Differences

We unbox, set-up and review the Critical XR & XR-D tattoo power supplies and talk you through their features, as well as looking at the similarities and differences between the two.

The XR & XR-D are the latest power supplies from Critical and are now available to order from Killer Ink.

Each power supply offers a new full colour TFT display with user-selectable colour themes and large easy-to-read fonts.

Both the XR & XR-D feature a billet aluminium CNC-machined housing with a responsive touch user interface.

The Critical XR-D model also has a built-in oscilloscope for a visual approach to coil machine tuning.

The jump start feature and maintained pedal modes for each power supply are now independently assignable to preset/output buttons.

Sponsored Artist of the Month – Alberto Escobar

Alberto Escobar is a Spanish tattoo artist known for incredible black and grey work and his spin on the chicano style.

Alberto’s love of art stems from his graffiti past, where he would find himself tagging places all over the world.

After starting his tattooing career in Madrid, Spain, Alberto moved to Wales and joined the Raw Ink Tattoo Studio in Wrexham.

It was there he honed his black and grey skills and took his work up another notch, before deciding to open up his own studio, Black Gallery Tattoo, back in Madrid.

Over the years, Alberto has developed what you could call his signature style, blending black and grey chicano motifs with a red clown nose to make the tattoos pop and add an extra splash of colour.

Presently, you can find Alberto guesting at some of the best tattoo studios around, including Pxa Body Art in Spain and Hustler’s Parlour in the USA.

He’s also won a host of awards at conventions for his stunning tattoos. Most recently, he claimed ‘Best Black & Grey’ at both the Deauville Tattoo Festival in France and Ink Mania in Belgium.

Alberto uses various tattoo supplies from Killer Ink Tattoo to create his incredible work, including Hustle Butter Deluxe and Skin 2 Paper.

Make sure to keep up to date with Alberto Escobar on his Facebook and Instagram pages!

Killer Ink Tattoo on YouTube

Make sure to keep up to date with all of the goings on in the world of tattooing by subscribing to Killer Ink Tattoo’s YouTube channel!

We update our channel regularly with reviews of the latest tattoo supplies and equipment, featured videos from tattoo conventions in Europe, and interviews with top tattoo artists.

If you wanted to learn more about certain tattoo machines, power supplies, needles and cartridges, and more, our YouTube channel is a great resource for artists.

We have put various tattoo supplies and equipment under the spotlight, including the latest Cheyenne Sol Nova tattoo machine and the much-loved Spektra Xion pen-style rotary.

Is there a certain product you want to see reviewed that isn’t on our YouTube channel? No problem! Leave us a comment on our channel or one of our videos and we’ll try to feature it in a future video.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit a tattoo convention, you’ll be in luck as we have featured videos from some of Europe’s biggest and best conventions!

Check out our tattoo conventions playlist on YouTube to be transported across Europe to killer tattoo conventions in Milan, London and Liverpool, to name a few.

We’ve also put many of our sponsored tattoo artists under the spotlight to see what inspires them and how they create their incredible works of body art.

We’re proud to feature interviews with some of the best names in tattooing, including Kamil Mocet, Thomas Carli-Jarlier, Coen Mitchell, Anrijs Straume, and Ryan ‘The Scientist’ Smith.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to our YouTube channel and make sure to subscribe now!

London Tattoo Convention 2018 Preview

The 14th edition of the International London Tattoo Convention is set to take place next weekend, so let’s take a look at what you can expect to find at Tobacco Dock.

Tattoo artists from across the globe will be taking up residency in London between September 28th and 30th 2018 for what is set to be another killer tattoo convention.

As always, Killer Ink Tattoo will be there with the latest and greatest tattoo supplies and equipment.

Alongside us in London will be Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment, who will be debuting their brand new, highly-anticipated Sol Nova machine – which is now available to order from Killer Ink!

Supreme Hustler Richie Bulldog will also be there with his newly-released Hustle Butter C.B.D. Luxe – the same great tattoo butter you all know and love, now with 500mg of CBD added!

The team from FK Irons will be on-hand with their range of machines to answer any queries, while we will also be carrying the latest tattoo machines from Stigma-Rotary®.

Over on the stage, the Fuel Girls are bringing a brand new show to the London Tattoo Convention, which you can be sure will blow the roof off the place!

You’ll also be able to meet the stunning special guest Cervena Fox, who is also performing a Mad Max-style, post-apocalyptic routine with her fiery performance troupe, Pyrohex.

As well as featuring over 400 international tattoo artists, the legendary tattooer Mark Mahoney will be meeting and greeting fans in London as a special guest of the convention.

We hope to see you all there!

If you didn’t get a chance to visit the London Tattoo Convention in 2017, check out the video we shot there below!

Hustle Butter C.B.D. Luxe

Alright hustlers, listen up – the next big thing in tattooing is here…

Introducing Hustle Butter C.B.D. Luxe, the same great tattoo butter loved by artists worldwide, but now with 500mg of CBD added.

The addition of CBD, a non-psychoactive extract of hemp, gives the butter extra anti-inflammatory properties, as well as skin calming and muscle comforting effects.

Hustle Butter C.B.D. Luxe is 100% natural and organic, made from mango, coconut, papaya, and other shea butters.

As with the original Hustle Butter Deluxe, the new C.B.D. Luxe product is vegan-friendly and designed to be used before, during and after tattooing.

When used on the skin, it won’t remove stencils, so you can use it to prep the skin before tattooing, as well as applying it during as a lubricant. Apply when the session is over to care for the finished tattoo.

Available in a large 150ml (5oz) tub, Hustle Butter C.B.D. Luxe is ideal for general studio use.

You can’t knock the hustle!

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