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Killer Ink Tattoo

Bullets Tattoo Ink

Bullets Tattoo Ink is a tattoo color from tattooists for tattooists. Experienced and creative tattoo artists as well as engineers and chemical-technical assistants are involved in the production of the ink. The goal was to develop a tattoo ink, which not only meets the requirements of tattooists in terms of workability and healing results but also the requirements of the German Tattoo-Agents- Regulation. The result is a brilliant ink that fully complies with all European regulations.

Made in Germany

Bullets Tattoo Ink is a German quality product of the H-A-N GmbH based in Esslingen. The H-A-N GmbH introduced the world’s first tattoo ink completely free of azo pigments. Furthermore care is taken to ensure that no substances of concern are used at any stage of production. Before being used single pigments are examined and tested for cytoxicity and light toxicity in order to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Highly pigmented Tattoo Ink

Bullets Tattoo Ink is highly pigmented tattoo color. It is characterized by high luminosity, brilliance and resistance to light. Therefore it is perfectly suited for cover-ups. It can be diluted with water in order to easily achieve the desired processing viscosity.

Short Facts

•                Made in Germany

•                Brilliant and light-resistant

•                Easy to process

•                High luminosity

•                No azo pigments and therefore no carcinogenic

•                aromatic amine

•                Examined and certified according to the German Tattoo-Agents-Regulation

•                Examined and certified according to the EU-Resolution ResAP (2008) 1

•                Crystal clear, easy to press PET bottles

•                No softeners

•                Available in 35ml or Bazooka size 150ml bottles.

Scottish Tattoo Convention

Last weekend Killer Ink was on the road again trading at the 4th Scottish Tattoo Convention in Edinburgh.

The show had the same relaxed and friendly atmosphere as last year. So it was a great weekend again. It’s a pretty long drive up to the show and the Sat Nav always takes us through Scottish winding country roads on the way up to Edinburgh, but it’s a nice trip through some villages and the views are a nice change from Motorway after Motorway.

Aside from the great work being done, and other entertainment there was also the ‘Miss Scottish Pin Up’ pageant, the winner of which was Miss Edith.

There were some great pieces done over the weekend and the caliber of the working artists was again very high.

The awards were very competitive as ever and our congratulations to the winners:

Small Black and Grey: Dean by Josh Duffy, London

Realistic: Sylvia by Marcin, Inkdependent, Edinburgh

Large Colour: Sean by Alex Rattray, Red Hot & Blue, Edinburgh

Large Black n Grey: Erik by Gunnar Foley, Imperial, Stockholm

Ornamental: Sam by Bry, Idle Hands, Arbroath

Small Colour: Edytia by Marcin, Inkdependent, Edinburgh

Scottish: Joint win by Mark by Valerie Vargas, Frith Street, London

Marek by Agrypa, Inkdependent, Edinburgh

Best of Saturday: Emma by Marcus McGuire, Custom Inc, Glasgow

Best of Sunday: Unknown by Fabien Langes, Clockwork, Italy

Please remember to check out our photos from the weekend: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152294045082579.1073741834.93519587578&type=1

This weekend Killer Ink will be trading at 2 shows; The Frankfurt Tattoo Convention and the 4th Tattoo Extravaganza at Portsmouth.  So come by and say hi! Please note owing to the adverse weather over the last few months the Tattoo Extravaganza has had to relocate to Havant Leisure Centre. We look forward to seeing you there!

New Website Features

At Killer Ink we are always looking to improve on the things we do and how we do it. We endeavor to stock the best range of tattoo supplies in Europe and deliver them to you in as fast and professional a way as possible. We are always looking to add great supplies to our range and have recently added the Nemesis Power Supply from the makers of KWARDON needles as well as the full range of Tattoosoul DVDs from the likes of Randy Engelhard, Volko and Simone, Tommy Lee Wendtner,  George Mavridis and Stefan Fischer with Paul Acker’s coming soon!

We are also proud to announce that we are an official partner of the Venice World Wide Tattoo Conference November 2014 featuring an incredible list of highly talented artists including, Alex de Pase, Shigh, Nikko Hurtado, Carlos Torres, Russ Abbott, Joe Capobianco, Jeff Gogue, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Durb Morrison and Guy Aitchison. (I’d planned to just mention a couple of the artists here, but so high is the caliber that there weren’t any that I could leave out!)

We are constantly looking to improve not only the products we offer but also the experience of buying your supplies from Killer Ink. This led us to launch our new website which has a much improved site speed as well as some other great new features.

We have recently launched our ‘request a call back’ service. With just 2 clicks of your mouse and the pressing of a few keys, we’ll call you right back to assist you with your query.  We know it’s not really a revolutionary idea, but it’s just a small way for us to try and provide you with the best level of service possible.

Please remember though when using the service that our offices are open between 9am and 5pm Mon – Fri. So if you request a call back outside of these hours then we’ll call you back when our offices are open again.

There are also some other new developments in the works, which we are in the final stages of testing, so watch this space for some new improvements to our website!

Tattoo Tea Party 2014

The first weekend in March was another busy weekend for Killer Ink, we were at the third Tattoo Tea Party in Event City close to the Trafford Centre in Manchester. This is one of our favourite trade fairs. Besides the great artists the show attracts there is the inevitable high standard of work which is shown and loads of other entertainment.

This year was no different and saw the return of the gentlemen’s death match; where grudges could be settled in a boxing ring with huge oversized boxing gloves. The only rule: Do whatever you like but with the gloves on! There were also free Dodgems and a variety of entertainment on stage.

Naturally the main attraction is the amazing high caliber of artist’s work on show and this year’s award categories were very competitive.

The winners of each category are as follows:

SMALL COLOUR: Paddy by Alex Rattray of Bizarre Ink

LARGE BLACK & GREY: Darren by Tommi Crazy of Middleton Tattoo Studio

SMALL BLACK & GREY: Greg by Emma Kierzek of Aurora Tattoos

NEO TRADITIONAL: Lewis by Jethro Wood of The Circle

BLACKWORK/TRIBAL: Kathy by Stu Dixon Dawson of Tattoo Carnival

REALISM/PORTRAIT: Gavin by Joe Carpenter of Cloak and Dagger

BEST NEW SCHOOL: Tom Sloane by Angus of Awol Tattoo

TRADITIONAL/OLD SCHOOL: Ashley by Ryan Mason of Scapegoat Tattoo, USA

BEST OF DAY/SHOW (Saturday): Erica by Leah Moule of Spear Studio

BEST OF DAY/SHOW (Sunday): Vicky by Paul Vander-Johnson of Triple Six Studios

To see the photos from our weekend visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152233426687579.1073741833.93519587578&type=1

We are already looking forward to next year’s Tea Party!

2014 Catalogue

We’re pleased to announce that our 2014 Catalogue is finally complete. If you have not already received a copy please get in touch with us and we can send one out for you. Alternatively it will be available to view and download online very soon. Of course, as is always the case, as soon as we sent the catalogue off to be printed we got some new products in, including books and DVDs by Steve Soto, some stunning reference books published by Taschen, Sharpies, and new Fusion colours. We endeavor to provide the best range of products we can and as such our range is ever-expanding.

We think our 2014 catalogue is great, however the best place to view our product range is online as this is continually updated.

2014 Convention List

Year on year we increase the number of conventions we attend across Europe. This year we have added amongst others Aarhus in Denmark, Cezzane Tattoo Ink in France and Lisbon, Portugal. At each convention we take with us a range of our tattoo supplies for you to browse and purchase at the show including Stigma-Rotary® machines, Team EGO products, Cheyenne machines and needle cartridges, as well as an array of other machines, inks, needles and other general tattoo supplies.

We of course cannot bring every item that we stock (our warehouse is just about big enough to hold our supplies so fitting them all into a van would be a challenge) however we always bring a great range with us. If you will be at a convention that we are attending, you can of course let us know in advance and even place an order with us which we will bring to the show especially for you.

Here is a list of the conventions that we are currently confirmed as attending in 2014. (Please note this list will be updated)

Milano IT February 7 - 9, 2014 http://www.milanotattooconvention.it/
Brighton UK February 15 - 16, 2014 http://www.brightontattoo.com/
Tattoo Tea Party UK March 1 - 2, 2014 http://tattooteaparty.com/
Scottish UK March 29 - 30, 2014 http://www.scottishtattooconvention.net/
Frankfurt DE April 11 - 13, 2014 http://www.convention-frankfurt.de/
Portsmouth Tattoo Extravaganza UK April 12 - 13, 2014 http://www.tattooextravaganza.co.uk/
Liverpool UK May 16 - 18, 2014 http://www.liverpooltattooconvention.com/
Northampton UK June 7 - 8, 2014 http://www.northamptoninternationaltattooconvention.com/
Aarhus Art DK June 11 - 15, 2014 http://aarhusartconvention.com/
MK Tattoo Convention UK July 12 - 13, 2014 http://www.mktattooconvention.co.uk/
Cardiff Tattoo & Toy Con UK July 19 - 20, 2014 http://www.cardifftattooandtoycon.co.uk/
Berlin DE August 1 - 3 2014 http://www.tattoo-convention.de/
Genoa IT September 5 - 7 2014 https://www.genovatattooconvention.it/
London UK September 26 - 28, 2014 http://www.thelondontattooconvention.com/
Cezanne Tattoo Ink FR October 11 - 12, 2014 http://www.conventiontattooaix.fr/
Evian FR October 24 - 26, 2014 http://www.evian.tattoo
Tattoo Royale-  Harrogate UK October 25 - 26, 2014
Florence IT TBC http://www.florencetattooconvention.com/

We look forward to seeing you at a convention near you soon.


Following on from the hugely popular Little Ego, the EGO V2 has not only had a facelift but has been redesigned and improved:

  • New: Streamlined Frame Design
  • New: Tube Vice Clamp
  • New: Improved Motor
  • New: Phono Connection – weight of RCA eliminated providing an extremely light ‘working-weight’ (phono cable included)
  • New: Needle Bar Stabilizer (optional extra coming soon!)

What stays the same:

  • Same: Great Price!
  • Same: UV Coated High-Grade Scratch-Free Plastic
  • Same: Revolutionary Power Triangle System

What is the Power Triangle System?

Each EGO V2 comes with 6 different coloured power triangles (2 of each colour) and each different colour has a different density of rubber. This allows the artist to configure their EGO V2 exactly how they want it in terms of give and throw. The Power Triangle System efficiently replicates the front and back spring system of coil machines, combining the reliability and consistency of a rotary machine with the same workability as a coil machine.

The EGO V2 is the latest machine from Team EGO, the brainchild of Bez from Triple Six Studios, UK. Alongside the EGO V2 there are also other new machines planned for release later on in 2014 (the Apex NANO and the Apex OVERKILL. As European distributors for Team EGO, Killer Ink is the place to go for everything Team EGO.

Welcome To Our New Blog

Welcome to our new blog! We will be updating this blog on a regular basis with the latest tattoo news, including information on new and existing products, information on tattoo conventions that we will be attending across Europe as well as reviews and photos from the many tattoo shows that we go to.

We are already confirmed on over 20 conventions this year with more shows being added regularly. First on our convention schedule is the Milano Tattoo Convention (7 th-9th February), quickly followed by the Brighton Tattoo Convention the following weekend (15 th-16 th). These were two of our favorite shows last year. It is hard to think of a better way to start the convention season than going to Milan followed by a trip to the Great British Seaside. It will be a rollercoaster two weeks but it will be well worth it. We will post photos from the shows late February so be sure to check back then.

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