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KWADRON is one of the forefront names when it comes to the manufacture of high-quality tattoo needles, but why did they become so popular with tattoo artists?

To put it simply, tattoo needles from KWADRON offer virtually unmatched quality and hardness of the steel, along with featuring precision soldering. This means that KWADRON needles don’t lose their sharpness easily and remain in perfect condition for much longer than most other needles on the market.

Thanks to the quality and reliability of KWADRON tattoo needles, many renowned artists today are using the products to produce incredible pieces of body art.

If you’re looking to try some of KWADRON’s high-quality tattoo needles, Killer Ink Tattoo stocks various configurations, including different types of liners, shaders, magnums, and flats.

Although KWADRON is best known for its tattoo needles, the Polish manufacturer has also expanded into producing power supplies and tattoo machines.

Under the moniker ‘Nemesis’, KWADRON has manufactured numerous power supplies and foot switches, each lightweight, compact and portable.

More recently, KWADRON has launched two new tattoo machines under its Equaliser banner, the Proton and the Mikron.

The Equaliser Proton is a pen-shaped rotary machine that is compatible with all needle cartridge types. It’s quiet, reliable and offers a complete lack of vibration.

The ergonomic Equaliser Mikron is the company’s latest rotary machine, offering a very small and light product that is comfortable to work with. This machine can be used with all types of cartridge tubes.

With KWADRON tattoo needles gaining a fantastic reputation for quality, you can be sure that the brand’s other products are just as good!

Sponsored Artist of the Month – Angelique Grimm

Everyone loves going on to the internet and seeing pictures of cats, dogs and other cute animals, so it comes as no surprise that our sponsored artist Angelique Grimm has built a big following with her photorealistic animal tattoos.

Based in Lille, France, Angelique Grimm is a hugely talented tattoo artist that continues to take her black and grey realism work up another level time and time again, especially when it comes to her animal portraits.

Angelique started her tattoo career as an apprentice when she was 27-years-old, tattooing her neighbour with a Grim Reaper – a bit different to her current style!

Nowadays she works out of a private studio in Lille, choosing this as she did not like the experience of working in a shop open to the public.

Angelique is also part of the Overkame tattoo collective, along with fellow Killer Ink sponsored artists Thomas Carli-Jarlier, Michael Taguet, Eliot Kohek, and Mathieu Varga.

As with her fellow Overkame artists, Angelique has won many awards, most recently winning ‘2nd Best Black and Grey’ at Corsair Tattoo Ink and ‘3rd Best of Day’ at Cantal Ink in July.

To produce her photorealistic pieces, Angelique uses supplies from Killer Ink Tattoo, including Hustle Butter Deluxe, FK Irons and World Famous Ink.

Make sure to check out Angelique Grimm’s stunning work on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

London Tattoo Convention 2017

The London Tattoo Convention came back with a bang this year, so let’s have a quick look at what went on down at Tobacco Dock.

As it is every year, the London Tattoo Convention is one of the biggest and best tattoo conventions on the planet, featuring many of the world’s best artists under one roof.

Taking place between September 22nd and 24th, the 2017 London Tattoo Convention was buzzing with event-goers, tattoo artists and the days’ entertainment, most notably the ever-awesome and fiery ladies from Pyrohex and the Fuel Girls!

Perhaps the most exciting moment at the convention was the launch of the eagerly-anticipated Spektra Xion rotary machine, and we were lucky enough to have Gaston Siciliano from FK Irons on our stand to demonstrate its capabilities.

Joining Gaston at our stand was US tattooist Sarah Miller, who assisted in showing off the Xion to artists, giving them a run-down on its features and how it performs.

As always, each day concludes with an awards ceremony, with our sponsored artists claiming a couple of awards.

Debora Cherrys picked up ‘3rd Best of Friday and Saturday’ for her neo-traditional work, while Ryan ‘The Scientist’ Smith won ‘3rd Best of Show’ for a killer collaboration piece with Jay Freestyle and Jenna Kerr.

Overall it was another awesome show and we look forward to next year!

Oh, and just like last time, we’ll be releasing a video that we shot over the three days, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Kaos Theory Project Video Series

We were down at No Regrets Studio in London back in July to film the first edition of “The Kaos Theory Project” from our sponsored artist Ryan ‘The Scientist’ Smith.

The ambitious event featured six world class tattoo artists coming together for an intense week of collaborations.

Joining Ryan Smith at the studio were Benjamin Laukis, Jay Freestyle, Jenna Kerr, Julian Siebert, and Jorge Becerra.

As well as filming each collaboration, we shot and edited a round-up video which goes into further detail about the Kaos Theory Project.

Check the videos out below!

The Kaos Theory Project Teaser

A little taste of what is to come in the first edition of the Kaos Theory Project video series!

Benjamin Laukis & Julian Siebert

Ben and Julian’s sick sleeve comprised an alien, skull and some of Ben’s signature lettering.

Jay Freestyle & Jenna Kerr

Jay and Jenna worked on a killer leg sleeve that featured a portrait, spider, spider web and some intricate dot work.

Ryan 'The Scientist' Smith & Jay Freestyle

Ryan and Jay produced an incredible full sleeve that combined some of the best parts of each artists’ styles. Check out the black line that runs down the arm and across each fingertip!

Jay Freestyle & Julian Siebert

Jay and Julian learned a lot from each other’s tattooing style, creating an incredible Pharaoh-themed leg sleeve in the process!

Benjamin Laukis & Jorge Becerra

If you’re under 18, look away now! Jorge and Ben’s work was a crazy good 18+ piece that would make your nan faint!

Ryan 'The Scientist' Smith & Jenna Kerr

It’s not the first time Ryan and Jenna have collaborated, with the artists creating another stunning ornamental piece for their client.

Julian Siebert & Jenna Kerr

Julian and Jenna produced a Sandman-inspired tattoo that we’re sure would make the writer Neil Gaiman proud!

Ryan 'The Scientist' Smith & Jorge Becerra

Life and death was the theme for Ryan and Jorge’s double leg pieces – well, “muerte” and “vida”, but you get the idea!

Jorge Becerra & Jay Freestyle

Jorge and Jay combined their talents to tattoo an awesome Geisha on their client.

Jenna Kerr & Benjamin Laukis

Jenna and Ben’s collaborative piece had a killer tiger in the middle of an ornamental surrounding.

The Kaos Theory Project - First Edition

Presenting the first edition of the Kaos Theory Project – huge congratulations to the six artists who took part in the week for their awesome work and their clients for sitting so well!

Hustle Butter Deluxe

Whether you’re a hustler or not, you should already know about the number one tattoo care product…

But just in case, we’re going to tell you about Hustle Butter Deluxe anyway!

Hustle Butter Deluxe is a 100% natural tattoo care product which reduces redness and promotes healing on contact.

The vegan-friendly butter is a replacement for petroleum-based tattoo care products, made from organic ingredients such as mango, coconut, papaya and other shea butters.

Hustle Butter Deluxe is for use before, during and after the tattoo process. Prep the skin with a little of the butter before tattooing your client, use some more as a tattoo lubricant during the process and then apply liberally to care for the finished work after.

You can order Hustle Butter Deluxe from Killer Ink Tattoo – we have the tattoo care in 5oz (150ml) and 1oz (30ml) tubs, as well as 0.25oz (7.5ml) packettes that are perfect for travelling tattooists.


So just where did Hustle Butter Deluxe originate? Well the product was launched back in February 2012 over in Brooklyn, New York City by co-founders (and our good friends) Richie Bulldog and Seth Love.

In fact, the 2017 London Tattoo Convention this month marks the 5th anniversary of the European launch of Hustle Butter Deluxe!

The supreme hustlers are also behind the Luxury Hustle Wear clothing range, also available to order from Killer Ink Tattoo and most recently featuring designs from international tattoo artist El Whyner.

The previous Luxury Hustle Wear range featured designs from Hustle Butter Deluxe and Killer Ink Tattoo sponsored artist Anrijs Straume.


Away from tattoo care and fashion, Richie and Seth also run two New York-based Hustlers Parlour tattoo studios in Brooklyn and the Bronx, all of which have seen some of the biggest names in the industry guesting at.

Richie was also the M.C. for this year’s Liverpool Tattoo Convention, bringing the hustle to our hometown crowds.

You can’t knock the hustle!

Reference Skulls by Skull Shoppe

Looking for a skull for tattooing and other art form reference? We stock a great range of replicas from Skull Shoppe!

Each and every one of our skull replicas are hand-finished in natural bone colour, with each featuring distinguishing looks or markings.

For example, mandibles can be removed, some skulls have deviated septums and one even has tool marks for a distinctive look.

As well as being great points of reference for tattoo designs and other drawings, our skulls are also perfect for studio decorations – maybe even a practical joke or two!

For an example of an artist using Skull Shoppe replicas for artistic reference, check out the poster below by tattooist Emily Wood (Em BlackHeart) for the 2018 Brighton Tattoo Convention.

Emily designed the poster using only two biro pens and Skull Shoppe’s ‘Adult Female Caucasian’ skull as a reference.

Sponsored Artist of the Month – Gunnar V

From Iceland to Norway… no, Killer Ink Tattoo isn’t going on a Nordic road trip, we’re talking about the career of our sponsored artist Gunnar Valdimarsson, aka Gunnar V.

Gunnar V started his full time tattooing career at the Icelandic Tattoo corp., his local tattoo studio in Reykjavik, back in April 2011 after quitting his job as an Audio Engineer/Graphic Designer.

Although mostly self-taught, Gunnar has taken advice and inspiration from tattoo artists like Dmitriy Samohin and Jon Pall, learning their techniques and adapting his own style from theirs.

Fast forward to November 2014 and Gunnar V opened up his own private studio in Oslo, Norway called Element Tattoo, along with fellow artist Christine Marie.

Since then, Gunnar has consistently produced some of the best colour and black and grey realism pieces that we’ve ever seen – all with the help of Killer Ink Tattoo supplies.

His popularity has seen famous clients like Iceland national football team captain Aron Gunnarsson come to him for some new ink. In fact, at least three other members of the Icelandic men’s football team have now been inked by Gunnar V!

You can check out Gunnar V’s awesome tattoos on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Deauville Tattoo Festival & Tatcon Blackpool

Last weekend was a busy one for Killer Ink Tattoo sponsored artists, with over 10 tattooists picking up awards at the Deauville Tattoo Festival in France and Tatcon Blackpool here in the UK.

We have so many killer sponsored artists that it comes as no surprise to us when one or more picks up an award at some of the biggest tattoo conventions in Europe.

Two of our artists managed to take home ‘Best of Show’ at the conventions in Deauville and Blackpool, so our biggest congratulations go out to them!

So, let’s break it down…

Deauville Tattoo Festival

Taking place between August 19th and 20th this year was the first edition of the Deauville Tattoo Festival, held at the Centre International de Deauville in France.

The first ever Deauville show proved to be a big success for Killer Ink sponsored artists, with six tattooists picking up awards.

The top prize for ‘Best of Show’ went to Latvian artist Sandra Daukshta for an incredible fox and rabbit piece, while her boyfriend Mihails Neverovs claimed ‘2nd Best Realistic’ for his two-day tattoo.

The dream team of Ryan ‘The Scientist’ Smith and Jenna Kerr took ‘Best Collaboration’ for their stunning work, with Christos Galiropoulos winning ‘Best Black & Grey’.

Rounding off the results were French artists Calvin Moktar, Thomas Carli-Jarlier and Billy Scumest Vicarivs (BSV, from La Machine Infernale studio), who went home with ‘Best of Saturday’, ‘Best Realism’ and ‘3rd Best Ornamental’, respectively.

Not bad for a weekend away in France…

Tatcon Blackpool

A little closer to home was Tatcon Blackpool 2017, held from August 18th to the 20th in Norbreck Castle Hotel.

At this year’s Blackpool tattoo convention, we watched our sponsored artist Damian Gorski walk away with ‘Best of Show’ and ‘Best Large Colour’ for a dope abstract colour realism piece that he did using Killer Ink Tattoo supplies.

Grindhouse Tattoo Productions went home happy after their artists Kyle ‘Egg’ Williams and Alex Wright claimed three awards between them. Kyle won ‘2nd Best Portrait’ and ‘Best of Show Public’, while Alex triumphed in a tattoo duel against fellow artist Gavin Clarke.

That wasn’t all, however, as Mark Bester then cleaned house, picking up four awards including ‘Best Female Composition’, ‘2nd Best of Show’ and ‘3rd Best Large Colour’.

All in all, another great couple of conventions for Killer Ink Tattoo sponsored artists!

Sandra Daukshta & Christos Galiropoulos Interviews

In the midst of all the action at this year's Cantal Ink convention, we pulled aside our sponsored artists Sandra Daukshta and Christos Galiropoulos for a couple of quick interviews.

We spoke about tattoos, inspirations and future plans when we interviewed Sandra and Christos.

Check out the two videos below!

Sandra Daukshta

Colour realism artist Sandra Daukshta was a guest judge at this year’s Cantal Ink convention. We had to ask her about a certain full back piece that went big online!

Christos Galiropoulos

He started tattooing after he left the army, now Christos Galiropoulos is a renowned artist who runs his own studio in Greece. Check out his Lemmy tattoo from the convention!


EGO Rotary Tattoo Machines

Forget the Bermuda Triangle, even the Illuminati symbol… there’s only one three-sided shape that matters in the world of tattooing and that’s the remarkable EGO “power triangle”.

The power triangle system features in all tattoo machines built by EGO Rotary, a UK based manufacturer led by tattoo artist Bez from Triplesix Studios in Sunderland.

Each and every EGO Rotary tattoo machine is super lightweight with wrist-friendly, ergonomic designs, but it’s the power triangle that really catches the eye.


When you open a package containing a new EGO Rotary tattoo machine, you’ll also receive a variety of different power triangle, with each colour signifying a different density of rubber. This allows artists to configure their EGO machines exactly how they want it, in terms of give and throw.

You can get creative with various rubber combinations to perfect the machine’s lining and shading capabilities to your preference. The power triangle system efficiently replicates the front and back spring system from coil tattoo machines.

So, to put it simply, with an EGO Rotary tattoo machine, you’re getting the reliability and consistency of a rotary machine with the same workability of a coil counterpart.


The brand has really come far over the years, with the latest models, the EGO V2 Plus and V3 Vertex Plus, proving to be a big hit with tattoo artists, thanks to their high quality and perfect balance and needle control.

Tattoo artist and EGO head honcho Bez wanted to create a machine that could be held like a pen, with the same comfort and ease of use. Ask any artists who have tried an EGO Rotary machine if he succeeded, and they will unequivocally and enthusiastically say “yes”.


But that’s not all. Although EGO has built a solid reputation for its rotary machine, it has also designed and produced various disposable and non-disposable grips, as well as a grip for the iPad Pro and standard pencils.

Bez is certainly a busy man when it comes to firing out new and innovative ideas, and if EGO’s latest rotary tattoo machines are anything to go by, we can expect to see some bold new products on the horizon.

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