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  1. Feathers of Inspiration: The Bird Art Project

Feathers of Inspiration: The Bird Art Project

Written, edited, and curated by Jinxi Caddel, Feathers of Inspiration: The Bird Art Project is the latest book from Out of Step Books; the same people who brought you Diabolico: Macabre Art from Horror Genre Maestros and Antennae of Inspiration: The Insect Art Project.

Feathers of Inspiration: The Bird Art Project features an extensive and brilliantly colourful collection of bird inspired artwork from around the globe. Featuring a multitude of mediums, our feathered friends are beautifully interpreted in thousands of different ways, by artisans of varied disciplines and genres. This collective project brings together an artistic treasure trove of inspirational work to celebrate the remarkable world of winged wonders.

There were over 4,400 artist submissions to the project and owing to the outstanding calibre of the submissions there was no other option but to create TWO BOOKS for this project!

As such Feathers of Inspiration is in fact only available as a two volume set containing almost 550 pages of bird-inspired tattoos & artwork!

There are works from 1,396 artists in the book with well over 2000 individual images.

Volume 1 is 288 pages and is the art edition, featuring paintings, drawings, sculptures, mixed media etc. with cover art by Greg "Craola" Simkins

Volume 2 is 256 pages and contains solely tattoos with original artwork cover by Cory Norris.

Furthermore the print is limited to 750 sets.

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