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Following on from the hugely popular Little Ego, the EGO V2 has not only had a facelift but has been redesigned and improved:

  • New: Streamlined Frame Design
  • New: Tube Vice Clamp
  • New: Improved Motor
  • New: Phono Connection – weight of RCA eliminated providing an extremely light ‘working-weight’ (phono cable included)
  • New: Needle Bar Stabilizer (optional extra coming soon!)

What stays the same:

  • Same: Great Price!
  • Same: UV Coated High-Grade Scratch-Free Plastic
  • Same: Revolutionary Power Triangle System

What is the Power Triangle System?

Each EGO V2 comes with 6 different coloured power triangles (2 of each colour) and each different colour has a different density of rubber. This allows the artist to configure their EGO V2 exactly how they want it in terms of give and throw. The Power Triangle System efficiently replicates the front and back spring system of coil machines, combining the reliability and consistency of a rotary machine with the same workability as a coil machine.

The EGO V2 is the latest machine from Team EGO, the brainchild of Bez from Triple Six Studios, UK. Alongside the EGO V2 there are also other new machines planned for release later on in 2014 (the Apex NANO and the Apex OVERKILL. As European distributors for Team EGO, Killer Ink is the place to go for everything Team EGO.

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