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  1. Daylight - Lamps, Clamps and Lightboxes
Daylight - Lamps, Clamps and Lightboxes

Daylight - Lamps, Clamps and Lightboxes

We all know the importance of good lighting during the tattoo process, so these supplies from Daylight could be the next things on your wish list!

We’ve got a whole host of lamps, reference clamps and lightboxes from Daylight that are perfect for all tattoo artists.

The Daylight Wafer Lightbox is an ideal piece of kit for tracing, sketching and stenciling your tattoo reference.

Daylight’s Wafer Lightbox has dimmable LEDs that provide an even spread of light from edge to edge and provide true colour matching. The lightbox is also low heat, meaning you can use it for an extended period of time.

We stock the Daylight Dual Ended Flexi Reference Clamp which will keep your reference work and designs in view while you’re tattooing. Simply attach one end to a flat surface and use the other to hold your picture or drawing.

Before you start tattooing your customer, keep your work areas lit up with our range of flexible and powerful Daylight LED lamps.

The Daylight Smart Lamp is portable, so you can take it with you to guest spots and conventions, while the Daylight Slimline LED Desk Lamp and Daylight Slimline LED Floor Lamp can be placed where their name suggests. Both Daylight Slimline lamps feature flexible joints that make it easy to adjust the height and angle.

When it comes to your work areas, keep ‘em lit!


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