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  1. Critical Atom Power Supply
Critical Atom Power Supply

Critical Atom Power Supply

The Atom is a new power supply from Critical Tattoo, and it’s seriously cool!

The new Critical Atom looks like no other power supply. The colour of the power supply changes depending on the voltage you’re running your machine on, which is pretty snazzy. Voltage ranges between 1.5 and 17 volts.

It’s also extremely easy to operate, with all functions adjusted with just one button. Changing the voltage is done by turning the button and you simply push the button to switch on your tattoo machine or change the settings like maintained mode and jump start.

If you prefer to use a foot pedal when tattooing, you can connect one to the Critical Atom easily.


Critical’s new Atom power supply is compatible with all coil and rotary machines, so it will suit any tattoo artist.

There are also built-in magnets in the base of the Atom, so you can attach the power supply to any magnetic surface. If you would prefer to just put it on a horizontal surface, then the silicone on the base will ensure that it does not slide about.

Available in silver or black, the Critical Atom power supply costs £180 and comes with a comprehensive two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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