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Tattoo Dogz Podcast

Formerly The Skull Workshop Podcast, Tattoo Dogz is a brilliant, in-depth podcast showcasing some of the biggest and best names in tattooing.

Fronted by Jimmy 'Tibs' Davies, Tattoo Dogz delves into the heart of today's tattooing with interviews featuring the likes of Anrijs Straume, Chris Jones, and many more!

Tibs has been working in the tattoo industry since 2009, undertaking roles in management, events and promotion in that time, so you know he’s got the know-how to back up his podcast.

When it comes to his main goal, Tibs has said that he wants “to archive our generation of tattooing on as many platforms as I can,” so the Tattoo Dogz podcast is certainly a big step to achieving that!

Make sure to give their podcast a listen on Podbean or iTunes!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and Killer Ink has some festive treats up our sleeves!

But first, we’re going to need your help tracking down a mean old Grinch…

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Every artist down in Tattooville liked Christmas a lot...
But the Grinch, who lived just north of Tattooville, did not!
The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season!
So he stole €3,000 worth of presents for this reason!

Now we are going to need your help to track down the presents and take them back from the Grinch!

You’ll need to spread the word far and wide so that we have enough artists to take to Mount Crumpit, find the Grinch and recover the gifts.

We’ll even let one lucky artist keep everything we find! That’s over €3,000 worth of the best tattoo supplies around!

You can enter in one of two ways…

On Facebook:

  • LIKE and SHARE the Grinch competition post
  • COMMENT and TAG a fellow artist
  • LIKE the 'Killer Ink Tattoo' page

On Instagram:

  • LIKE the Grinch competition post
  • COMMENT and TAG a fellow artist
  • FOLLOW @killerinktattoo

For every comment in which you tag an artist, you will receive another entry into the competition. You can enter as many times as you like - the more entries you have, the better your chance of winning the Grinch's stolen presents!

The lucky winner will receive a HUGE bundle of tattoo products worth over €3,000! Prizes include a Stigma-Rotary® Spear and EGO Rotary Polygon tattoo machine, tubs of Hustle Butter Deluxe and C.B.D. Luxe, Brother PocketJet PJ-773 Printer, boxes and boxes of needles and cartridges, and much more!

Come and help us give the Grinch a Christmas he'll never forget...

The Perfect Gift for any Artist…

Christmas will soon be here, so give the gift that keeps on giving with Killer Ink Tattoo Gift Vouchers!

Perfect for all tattoo artists, our Gift Vouchers are available in £25, £50, £100 & £250.

Better than an out-of-date selection box...

David Corden – Semper Tattoo

For our annual Christmas video, Killer Ink is heading up to Edinburgh to film our incredible sponsored artist David Corden at his Semper tattoo studio.

Edinburgh is a magical place all year round, but it raises its game every year for the festive holidays.

We can’t wait for you to see this one!

Killer Ink Tattoo on YouTube

Make sure to keep up to date with all of the goings on in the world of tattooing by subscribing to Killer Ink Tattoo’s YouTube channel!

We update our channel regularly with reviews of the latest tattoo supplies and equipment, featured videos from tattoo conventions in Europe, and interviews with top tattoo artists.

If you wanted to learn more about certain tattoo machines, power supplies, needles and cartridges, and more, our YouTube channel is a great resource for artists.

We have put various tattoo supplies and equipment under the spotlight, including the latest Cheyenne Sol Nova tattoo machine and the much-loved Spektra Xion pen-style rotary.

Is there a certain product you want to see reviewed that isn’t on our YouTube channel? No problem! Leave us a comment on our channel or one of our videos and we’ll try to feature it in a future video.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit a tattoo convention, you’ll be in luck as we have featured videos from some of Europe’s biggest and best conventions!

Check out our tattoo conventions playlist on YouTube to be transported across Europe to killer tattoo conventions in Milan, London and Liverpool, to name a few.

We’ve also put many of our sponsored tattoo artists under the spotlight to see what inspires them and how they create their incredible works of body art.

We’re proud to feature interviews with some of the best names in tattooing, including Kamil Mocet, Thomas Carli-Jarlier, Coen Mitchell, Anrijs Straume, and Ryan ‘The Scientist’ Smith.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to our YouTube channel and make sure to subscribe now!

Remember Pogs? WIN €500 with Killer Caps!

We remember the '90s like it was yesterday... grunge on the radio, flannel shirts everywhere, and kids flipping pogs in the playground...

So we wanted to bring a little slice of nostalgia to you this summer with Killer Caps - a new spin on the classic milk cap game!

In every order you place, you'll receive one of five collectable Killer Caps, each featuring a unique graphic.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the special golden cap that can be redeemed for a €500 Killer Ink gift voucher!

(Promotion will run from 19/08/18 to midnight 19/09/18.)

Tribes, Tatau and The Rock: A History of Polynesian Tattoos

Tattoos have existed on the skin for thousands of years, with countries and cultures all over the world having different methods and styles of tattooing. But perhaps none have ingrained themselves into a culture more than in Polynesia.

From tribes and tatau to The Rock, we’re going to be taking a look at the history of Polynesian tattoos.

Although European explorers first visited Polynesia in 1595, it wasn’t until Captain James Cook navigated the islands in 1769 that records of these tribal tattoos were documented.

Joseph Banks, a naturalist onboard James Cook’s ship, HMS Endeavour, is credited with the first written reference to the word “tattoo”. In his journal, Banks wrote, “I shall now mention the way they mark themselves indelibly, each of them is so marked by their humour or disposition”.

After visiting Tahiti and witnessing tattooing for the first time, Captain Cook spoke of “tattow”, which is taken from the Samoan word “tatau” and, similarly, the Marquesan term “tatu”.

It was on his return to Europe in 1771 that the word “tattoo” entered local dialect. It became rapidly famous due to the tattoos of Ma’i (known as Omai in Britain), a Tahitian brought along by Cook and the first ever to travel to Europe.

Although Europeans at this time were now aware of this particular style of tattoo, they did not yet know of the many variations of Polynesian tattoos that could be found on the islands.

Over in New Zealand, the largest country in Polynesia, the indigenous Māori people practised a form of tattooing known as tā moko.

Tā moko is distinct from tattooing as the skin is carved by chisels known as “uhi”, rather than punctured by needles. Usually these Māori tattoos are found on the faces of those who received them, although they could also be seen on the buttocks and thighs.

Māori tattoo artists were known as tohunga-tā-moko, or “moko specialists”. Traditionally, tohunga-tā-moko were considered “tapu”, meaning sacred. (James Cook would derive the English word “taboo” from “tapu” after his visit to Tonga in 1777.)

In pre-European Māori culture, the majority of high-ranking people received “moko”, while those who went without were seen as being of a lower social status.

Since the ‘90s, there has been a resurgence in the practice of tā moko for both men and women and is seen as a sign of cultural identity and of the revival of the culture itself.

Unlike its origins, most tā moko today is applied with a tattoo machine, although there have been many artists bringing back the use of chisels.

Over in the Polynesian island of Samoa, “tatau” is split into two forms, “pe’a” for males and “malu” for females.

The traditional male tattoo of the pe’a covers the body from the waist to just past the knees, and is undertaken by “tufuga ta tatau”, aka “master tattooists”.

The process of tattooing the pe’a is extremely painful. The tufuga ta tatau traditionally used a set of handmade tools made from pieces of bone, turtle shell and wood to create the body tattoos.

Tattooing a pe’a could take many weeks or even months to complete and it was not uncommon for a small group of boys to be tattooed at the same time.

For females, the malu covers the legs from just below the knees to the upper thighs. Typically, the designs are finer and more delicate compared to the pe’a.

Originally, only the chief’s daughter was eligible to wear the malu and it was tattooed in the years following puberty. Women with the malu were expected to represent their families at ceremonies.

In recent times, one of the most popular examples of Samoan tattoos can be seen on Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who has a partial Samoan pe’a tattooed on his left side.

As with all Samoan tattoos, The Rock’s pe’a is comprised of various symbols, each representing something that is important to him and he’s passionate about, culminating in a story about his life, journey and ancestors.

Some of the symbols that can be seen on his pe’a include coconut leaves (denoting a Samoan chief-warrior), isa/ga fa’atasi (“three people in one” – representing Dwayne, his wife and daughter) and two eyes (symbolising his ancestors watching over his path).

Celebrities like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson have certainly helped Polynesian tattoos come into the limelight, with the traditional tattoos now even extending to the likes of Disney films.

Disney’s 2016 animated movie ‘Moana’, which also featured The Rock, gave a new generation a brief look into Polynesian culture, including how such tattoos can tell a personal story.

Although Polynesian tattoos were traditionally done by natives in their respective islands, the popularity of tattooing today has meant that many artists around the globe have turned their hand to these tribal tattoos.

Aside from Polynesian artists, artists like Brent McCown (Australia), Manos “Manu” Paterakis (Greece) and Chris Higgins (UK) are keeping the spirit of tatau alive and bringing it to customers worldwide.

Over in the United States, an exhibition entitled ‘Tatau: Marks of Polynesia’ further addressed the key role that tattoos play in the preservation and propagation of Samoan culture.

Curated by master tattoo artist Takahiro “Ryudaibori” Kitamura at the Japanese American National Museum, Tatau: Marks of Polynesia explored the history of tatau and how it has continued to thrive in the modern world.

With the exhibit now finished, you can discover the beauty of Polynesian tattoos yourself with the accompanying book of the same name.

The Tatau: Marks of Polynesia book features 286 pages of full colour photos from the works of artists like Su‘a Sulu‘ape Alaiva‘a Petelo, Su‘a Sulu‘ape Peter, Su‘a Sulu‘ape Paul Jr., Su‘a Sulu‘ape Aisea Toetu‘u, Sulu‘ape Steve Looney, Tuigamala Andy Tauafiafi, Mike Fatutoa, and Sulu‘ape Si‘i Liufau.

“Your necklace may break, the fau tree may burst, but my tattooing is indestructible. It is an everlasting gem that you will take into your grave.” – Verse from a traditional Polynesian tattoo artist’s song.

A Quick Look Back at 2017…

2017 was a crazy year, everyone can agree on that. Thankfully Killer Ink Tattoo avoided any Hollywood-esque scandals and enjoyed a year full of new products, engaging videos, and exciting conventions!

We want to start off proceedings by talking about the Stellar Cartridges that Killer Ink Tattoo released last year.

Hot off the heels of our Precision Needle Cartridges, Killer Ink Tattoo Stellar Cartridges are high-quality and contain precision soldered needles. Stellar Cartridges feature a transparent housing that allows for complete visibility of the needle while tattooing.

Since release, we have received excellent feedback from artists using our Stellar Cartridges so we hope you give them a try too!

Aside from our own brand of products, we’ve got some incredible new tattoo supplies in stock this year.

We took delivery of the Spektra Xion, Inkjecta Flite Nano and Equaliser Proton/Mikron tattoo machines last year, while a killer new power supply came in the form of the Critical AtomX.

Over on the tattoo ink front, World Famous Ink released various Pro Artist ink sets, including four from Damian Gorski and one from Jay Freestyle, both Killer Ink Tattoo sponsored artists. We also received needles and cartridges from Magic Moon, along with KWADRON Cartridges and Cheyenne HAWK Craft Cartridges.

The start of 2017 saw supreme hustle Richie Bulldog team up with international tattoo artist El Whyner to release a range of new Luxury Hustle Wear designs. You can’t knock the hustle!

Away from new products, Killer Ink Tattoo grew its YouTube presence in 2017, releasing numerous new videos featuring our sponsored artists, friends and various European tattoo conventions.

We filmed our escapades at the Milano, Liverpool, Cantal, and London tattoo conventions, with our 2017 Milano Tattoo Convention video becoming our most-watched video on YouTube. Make sure to check it out!

We also shot interviews with many of our sponsored artists, including Ryan ‘The Scientist’ Smith, Thomas Carli-Jarlier, Coen Mitchell, Damian Gorski, Paul Talbot, and Alex Wright and Kyle ‘Egg’ Williams from Grindhouse Tattoo Productions.

Last summer, we headed down to London to film the first edition of the Kaos Theory Project, an ambitious event led by our sponsored artist Ryan Smith and featuring five other world class tattoo artists in a week of collaborations.

Joining Ryan for the Kaos Theory Project were our sponsored artists Jenna Kerr and Jay Freestyle, along with Benjamin Laukis, Jorge Becerra, and Julian Siebert.

We released interviews and footage from each collaboration, culminating in a final mini documentary that rounded-up the project.

But it wasn’t all work, work, work… we had some fun shooting a behind-the-scenes Halloween video with IT’s killer clown Pennywise, as well as releasing a Christmas feature with our good friend Richie Bulldog that was based on the famous yuletide poem ‘‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’.

Moving back to our website, we launched some new pages that will serve as great resources for artists.

Up first is the ‘conventions list’ page, which is a run-down of all conventions that Killer Ink Tattoo will attend in the year ahead, coupled with a list of those we attended previously.

Our latest page is ‘Killer Social’, were we feature tattoo artists that use our products to create their awesome work. If you’d like to be featured on the page, simply tag @killerinktattoo when sharing your tattoos on Instagram and use the hashtag #killerinktattoo.

Oh, and don’t forget to tag the specific products and ink colours you used! We display one of the products next to your tattoo so other artists can take inspiration for their next piece.

Well that seems like everything from 2017. Thank you for making it another killer year and we will continue to bring you great new products, engaging videos, and more in 2018!

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Killer Ink has teamed up with Santa Claus to bring some Christmas cheer in our latest video!

Only it's not jolly old Saint Nick in the suit, but our good friend and supreme hustler Richie Bulldog!

Merry Christmas to all, and you can't knock the hustle!

Richie Bulldog, our sharp dressed man and very merry Kris Kringle for the evening, is the co-founder of the best tattoo care around, ho-ho-Hustle Butter Deluxe.

Along with fellow hustler Seth Love, Richie is also the mastermind behind the Luxury Hustle Wear clothing range and two New York-based Hustlers Parlour tattoo studios in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

So from the entire Killer Ink team and Richie Bulldog, we wish you all a happy Christmas and we’ll see you in 2018!

The Competition Before Christmas

We love Christmas here at Killer Ink Tattoo, and we have some festive treats just around the corner…

Just make sure to leave out a mince pie and glass of rum and coke (Sailor Jerry’s will do just fine) for us when we kick off the festivities!

Ho, ho, ho…

The Competition Before Christmas

Time to get into the Christmas spirit with our huge competition to win a bundle of prizes worth over €1,500!

To enter, simply LIKE 'Killer Ink Tattoo' on Facebook and LIKE & SHARE our competition post for your chance to win the ultimate Christmas present!

Our huge prize bundle includes awesome products like the new Stigma-Rotary® Hyper V4, Critical AtomX Power Supply, FK Irons Dark Lab Footswitch, Cheyenne Craft Cartridges, and a complete set of 10 Silverback Ink® 30ml Insta10Shade Greywash Series.

Altogether the prizes are worth over €1,500, so make sure to keep an eye out on our social media channels so you know when to enter!

‘Tis the season to be jolly!

The Perfect Gift for any Artist…

Christmas is coming, so give the gift that keeps on giving with Killer Ink Tattoo Gift Vouchers!

Perfect for all tattoo artists, our Gift Vouchers are available in £25, £50, £100 & £250.

Beats another pair of socks...

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

We will be teaming up with Santa Claus to bring some Christmas cheer in our upcoming video!

Only it won’t be jolly old Saint Nick in the suit, but our good friend and supreme hustler Richie Bulldog!

Make sure to check it out soon!

No Tricks, Just Treats – Halloween Competition, Flash Sale + More

Halloween may be mostly about trick or treating these days, but we thought we’d skip the tricks and head straight to the treats…

So put off trying to find that last minute costume and bottle of fake blood and just check out our killer competition, flash sale and other treats below!

Works of Horror Competition

As we do each year, we are running our annual Works of Horror Competition from October 25th until midnight on Halloween (October 31st).

To enter, all you have to do is like Killer Ink Tattoo on Facebook, find our competition post, comment under it with a picture of your best horror tattoos and then like and share the competition post!

No trick, it’s that simple!

If you enter, you’ll be in with the chance of winning a €350 voucher to spend on anything on our website.

Let’s be honest, if Pennywise offered this prize, you’d be down in that sewer quicker than you could say “You’ll float too…”.

Halloween Flash Sale

The competition isn’t the only thing preoccupying us, however, as we have heard rumours of Pennywise the Dancing Clown stalking Killer Ink HQ, so we’re going to track him down on Halloween.

The creepy clown has left his past behind in Derry and has now decided to start slashing prices on tattoo supplies! Eat your heart out, Stephen King…

If we managed to catch Pennywise, we’ll upload the footage to our Instagram Stories and see what discounts he’s managed to get his grubby hands on!

So make sure to follow @killerinktattoo on Instagram or we’ll send you to see the Deadlights…

Sweet Treats in Every Order

After all the talk of killer clowns, we think you could do with something lighter and a little sweeter

As a thank you to all of the ghosts and ghouls who will be ordering over the Halloween period, we will be throwing in some spooky sweets into every order!

Like we said: no tricks, only treats!

But make sure to get your orders in before we find the sweet stash!

Killer Ink Tattoo Video Promo Reel

Check out this little teaser video we put together featuring some of our killer sponsored artists using our supplies!

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