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Tattoo Timelapses – Tattoo Tea Party 2019

While in Manchester for the 2019 Tattoo Tea Party convention, we filmed timelapses of Ryan 'The Scientist' Smith, Ash Higham, Mark McIlvenny, Fraser Peek, and Lauren Shaw working on some eye-catching tattoos in various styles.

Make sure to check them all out below!

Ryan ‘The Scientist’ Smith

The 2019 Tattoo Tea Party saw Ryan ‘The Scientist’ Smith add another piece to his new ‘Project XX’ series.

Ash Higham

Manchester-based Ash Higham displayed his incredible black and grey work at the 2019 Tattoo Tea Party with a realistic wolf.

Mark McIlvenny

Mark McIlvenny from Fat Fugu studio tattooed a dope traditional piece at the 2019 Tattoo Tea Party.

Fraser Peek

Up from the South-East of England was Fraser Peek, who tattooed this awesome neo-traditional stag beetle at the 2019 Tattoo Tea Party.

Lauren Shaw

This blackwork snake and flowers from Lauren Shaw managed to pick up an award at the 2019 Tattoo Tea Party!

Tattoo Tea Party 2019 Video

We headed over to our neighbouring city of Manchester for the 2019 Tattoo Tea Party and shot our latest video!

The 8th edition of the convention was held within EventCity and celebrated tattoo artists from the UK and Ireland.

Give it a watch below!

We had a great time at Tattoo Tea Party this year and it was great to see old friends and new faces alike.

Aside from our main convention video, we managed to film some timelapses with artists tattooing in a variety styles, so keep an eye out for those in the near future!

Tattoo Timelapses – Milano Tattoo Convention 2019

At the incredible 2019 Milano Tattoo Convention, we shot timelapses of five world-class artists working on tattoos in a variety of styles and themes.

Featuring individual pieces from Sandra Daukshta, Debora Cherrys, Fábio Guerreiro, and Hori Hui, as well as a separate collaboration between Debora and Jay Freestyle.

Check them out below!

Sandra Daukshta

Latvian artist Sandra Daukshta is known for her stunning colour realism and she managed to pick up two awards at the 2019 Milano Tattoo Convention for this sleeve!

Debora Cherrys

The neo-traditional queen that is Debora Cherrys was at it again at the 2019 Milano Tattoo Convention, with the Spanish tattooist impressing with her neo-trad portrait.

Fábio Guerreiro

Portuguese tattoo artist Fábio Guerreiro tattooed this black and grey owl on his wife at the 2019 Milano Tattoo Convention.

Hori Hui

Hori Hui flew over from Taiwan for the 2019 Milano Tattoo Convention and ended up winning ‘Best Oriental’ for this sick next piece!

Jay Freestyle & Debora Cherrys

An incredible collaboration took place at the 2019 Milano Tattoo Convention between Debora Cherrys and South African-born, Netherlands-based artist Jay Freestyle. Don’t miss this one!

Milano Tattoo Convention 2019 Video

We opened up our convention calendar last month for another edition of the incredible Milano Tattoo Convention!

It's one of the most prestigious tattoo conventions in Europe, so we're bringing you all of the action with our latest video!

Make sure you don't miss this one - it features some of the best artists in the world working on some mind-blowing tattoos!

Speaking of killer tattoos, our sponsored artist Sandra Daukshta picked up two awards for a stunning sleeve she started and completed at the 2019 Milano Tattoo Convention. The first half of the piece, a peony, won ‘3rd Best of Friday’, while the addition of two portraits earned the full work ‘Best of Saturday’.

Artists Kindamo and Mr Nobody from Alex De Pase Stores Gemini Ink picked up ‘Best Realistic’ for their black and grey collaboration, while the pairing of Rich Harris and Jamie Lee Knott from Dark Horse Collective won ‘2nd Best Colour’ for a jaw-dropping leg piece.

Rounding off the awards was our good friend Benjamin Laukis, who took home ‘3rd Best of Show’ for his stylish two-headed girl, as well as ‘3rd Best Realistic’ for a sick sleeve that featured a trio of Inkjecta Flite Nano machines.

Tattoo Timelapses – Barcelona Tattoo Expo 2018

At the 2018 Barcelona Tattoo Expo, we took some time out from shooting our main video to film timelapses of Debora Cherrys, Benjamin Laukis, Adrian Hidalgo, Pablo Hernandez, Niorkz, and Julen Muñoz (Mrkpa Tattoo) working on some awesome tattoos in various styles.

Make sure to check them out below!

Debora Cherrys

Spanish neo-traditional queen Debora Cherrys did what she does best at the 2018 Barcelona Tattoo Expo and created another eye-catching neo-trad piece that wowed the crowds.

Benjamin Laukis

As well as winning an award for a separate piece at the 2018 Barcelona Tattoo Convention, Australian tattooist Benjamin Laukis created this realistic sphynx cat on the hand of his client, who was over the moon with it!

Adrian Hidalgo

Incredibly realistic black and grey tattoos are second-nature to Spanish artist Adrian Hidalgo, and the eagle he tattooed at the 2018 Barcelona Tattoo Expo shows off his top talent.

Pablo Hernandez

Black and grey specialist Pablo Hernandez was on-hand at the 2018 Barcelona Tattoo Expo to show the public his crazy good work, and the Spanish tattoo artist did not disappoint with his piece at the convention!


UK tattooist Niorkz is known for his killer script work, so it comes as no surprise that he delivered some sick lettering tattoos at the 2018 Barcelona Tattoo Expo.

Julen Muñoz (Mrkpa Tattoo)

From the same studio as Pablo Hernandez comes Julen Muñoz, aka Mrkpa Tattoo, who tattooed a dope war-themed leg piece at the 2018 Barcelona Tattoo Expo.

Milano Tattoo Convention 2019

Killer Ink will be attending the 2019 Milano Tattoo Convention between February 8th and 10th.

Milano is one of the most prestigious tattoo conventions in Europe and we can't wait to see you all there!

With over 100 artists attending and a host of exhibitions on show, the Milano Tattoo Convention is one of the highlights of our convention calendar and always makes for a great video!

If you didn't get a chance to go last year, make sure to check out the video we shot there below!

Tattoo Timelapses – London Tattoo Convention 2018

While at the 2018 London Tattoo Convention, we filmed timelapses of Ralf Nonnweiler, Toni Donaire, Mystik, Matteo Pasqualin, and Lucas Ferreira working on incredible tattoos in a range of styles.

Check them all out below!

Ralf Nonnweiler

German artist Ralf Nonnweiler is known for his incredibly detailed black and grey work and he didn’t disappoint at the 2018 London Tattoo Convention with his tattoo of Star Trek’s Spock giving the middle finger…

Toni Donaire

You may know Toni Donaire from his eye-catching neo-traditional tattoos, so it was only fitting that the Spanish artist created a vibrant neo-trad portrait at the 2018 London Tattoo Convention.


Mystik is an Australian tattoo artist that produces some of the best lettering and script in the business. Check out this sick two-day work he did at the 2018 London Tattoo Convention that spans from the back of the head to the upper back!

Matteo Pasqualin

The legendary Italian tattoo artist that is Matteo Pasqualin was at the 2018 London Tattoo Convention wowing the crowds with his ridiculously clean-yet-detailed black and grey work. This time his subject was the psychological thriller TV series, Hannibal.

Lucas Ferreira

Brazilian-born tattoo artist Lucas Ferreira served up yet another stunning neo-traditional piece at the 2018 London Tattoo Convention!

Barcelona Tattoo Expo 2018 Video

The Barcelona Tattoo Expo returned to the Catalan capital for another year of incredible tattoos and jaw-dropping extreme sports - and Killer Ink was there to catch it all on film!

With more artists attending the expo than ever before, this may just be the best year yet.

You don't want to miss this one!

Our first time attending the Barcelona Tattoo Expo was a memorable affair, and it was great to see many familiar faces at the convention!

Special congratulations go to our good friend Benjamin Laukis, who managed to pick up ‘2nd Best of Saturday’ for a sick piece.

It wasn’t just tattooing that caught the eye in Barcelona, as there were also breakdancing competitions, a Ferrari 458 Italia supercar that was open to artists painting it, and some mighty fine mojitos!

We just want to say thank you to everyone who came over to say hi at the show and we hope to see you all again next year!

Joe Capobianco & Matteo Pasqualin Interviews

In the middle of the 2018 London Tattoo Convention, we managed to grab a quick chat with two legends of the tattoo industry, Joe Capobianco and Matteo Pasqualin.

We got their thoughts on the London Tattoo Convention, as well as their opinions on how tattooing has evolved over the years.

Check out the interview videos below!

Joe Capobianco

American tattooing legend Joe Capobianco was at the London Tattoo Convention as part of The Rat Pack’s series of incredible collaborations. Joe talked us through the differences between European and American tattoo convention, how tattooing has changed since he started, and offered some advice to young artists out there.

Matteo Pasqualin

Italian artist Matteo Pasqualin is a tattooist with 20 years of experience and producer of some of the finest black and grey work around. We spoke to him about his inspiration, technique, and friendship with fellow artist Thomas Carli-Jarlier.

London Tattoo Convention 2018 Video

We were on-hand to film the 14th edition of the International London Tattoo Convention in all of its glory!

Our latest video features some of the best tattoo artists around, plus two pyro-laden performances and the debut of the eagerly-awaited Cheyenne Sol Nova.

Check it out below!

The 2018 London Tattoo Convention was yet another incredible show that saw our sponsored artists picking up some of the biggest awards over the weekend.

Yarson Stahowic took home ‘Best Realism’ for an excellent black and grey sleeve that paid homage to the late Heath Ledger and Chester Bennington.

In the ‘Best of Show’ category, Kamil Mocet claimed third place with his sick horror-inspired full back piece, while a killer collaboration between Ryan ‘The Scientist’ Smith and Cristian Casas won second place.

We’ll be back to see you again soon, London!

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