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CARBON Black is a range of black inks developed by the people behind Bullets Ink.

Available in either 50ml or 100ml bottles to suit your needs.


Everybody knows that the different shades of black in tattoo inks are a special subject. There is no other colour range where it is so hard to please all artists. That's the reason for the extensive research and development by the team behind Bullets Ink. The result is CARBON Black and it has arrived!


All tattoo artists have their own way of adjusting their machine, in order to achieve the best results for their individual requirements. Lines that are perfect for one artist may be too strong and bold, too thin and light, or too watery and soft for another. CARBON Black consists of a range of twelve inks that you can choose between. The range consists of seven Sumi inks, two liners and three fillers all in a fine and harmonic grading - to make sure that all artists can find their personal favourite black inks, to perfectly match their individual techniques and tastes.

Every professional tattoo artist knows that "blowouts" cannot be totally ruled out. Sumi 07 can be used for lines in delicate areas with a minimal blowout risk, where a normal liner-black would probably cause a blowout. From Liner 08 onwards, the blowout risk is increasing due to the grade of opacity / pigment volume concentration.

All of which leaves  just one question... which black is yours?!

Let us call you!