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Bullets Tattoo Ink

Bullets Tattoo Ink is a tattoo color from tattooists for tattooists. Experienced and creative tattoo artists as well as engineers and chemical-technical assistants are involved in the production of the ink. The goal was to develop a tattoo ink, which not only meets the requirements of tattooists in terms of workability and healing results but also the requirements of the German Tattoo-Agents- Regulation. The result is a brilliant ink that fully complies with all European regulations.

Made in Germany

Bullets Tattoo Ink is a German quality product of the H-A-N GmbH based in Esslingen. The H-A-N GmbH introduced the world’s first tattoo ink completely free of azo pigments. Furthermore care is taken to ensure that no substances of concern are used at any stage of production. Before being used single pigments are examined and tested for cytoxicity and light toxicity in order to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Highly pigmented Tattoo Ink

Bullets Tattoo Ink is highly pigmented tattoo color. It is characterized by high luminosity, brilliance and resistance to light. Therefore it is perfectly suited for cover-ups. It can be diluted with water in order to easily achieve the desired processing viscosity.

Short Facts

•                Made in Germany

•                Brilliant and light-resistant

•                Easy to process

•                High luminosity

•                No azo pigments and therefore no carcinogenic

•                aromatic amine

•                Examined and certified according to the German Tattoo-Agents-Regulation

•                Examined and certified according to the EU-Resolution ResAP (2008) 1

•                Crystal clear, easy to press PET bottles

•                No softeners

•                Available in 35ml or Bazooka size 150ml bottles.

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