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Killer Ink are delighted to be official sponsors for the 2nd Tattoo Festival of Chaudesaigues, hosted by the amazing Stéphane Chaudesaigues. The festival will take place 4-6 July 2014.

Stéphane Chaudesaigues - "We are delighted to announce that according to last year's official figures, over 10,000 of you came to the village of Chaudes-Aigues for the first International Tattoo Festival". You can not begin to imagine how much this has touched us; both myself and everyone who strived to make the first chapter in a long and beautiful story a storming success.

“Chaudes Aigues :  at the extreme south of l’Auvergne, between Monts of Cantal and Aubrac, just off the “MIDI” and the A75 (motorway). This is a beautiful and fascinating part of France with some of the warmest waters in Europe.”

To celebrate a year filled with exciting news, to worship the world of tattoos in all its forms, and also to welcome the coming of summer, the Festival Du Tatouage team has dreamed up a generous platter of incredible artists, a wealth of bands and musicians and even a few more surprises! I hope you enjoy every second, it only lasts the weekend"

True to Stéphane's words, the list of artists includes artists such as Jeff Gogue, Shane O'Neill, Bob Tyrrell, Robert Hernandez, Jime Litwalk, Joe Capobianco, Hannah Aitchison, Alex de Pase, Ralf Nonnweiler.... the list goes on and there is simply too much incredible talent to name. For a complete and up to date line up, please click through to the official website.

We hope some of you will be able to make it down and if you do, be sure to stop by to the Killer Ink stand :)

Let us call you!